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You are welcome to contribute to this repo. See the for more info.


Tutorial available

A full tutorial walking you through this program is detailed on the blog post: Learn web scraping with python in minutes: The basics using selenium.

The repo source files have gone through major modifications since the tutorial was written. You can see the original tutorial files under the folder blog-tutorial-original-code/. Use the code found in this folder to follow along with the blog tutorial.

What this program does

Go to a job postings website, perform search and export job title and description link to a file.

This is a web scraper written in python using the selenium package. It will:

  • Launch
  • Perform a search for "machine learning"
  • Export each job posting title and link to a file

How to use

Step 1: Download browser and driver

You need to have either Firefox or Chrome installed. You also need the corresponding driver for the browser.

For Firefox download geckodriver:

For Chrome download chromedriver:

Step 2: Setup Python and modules

Python and the following modules must be installed on the computer running this script.

Install Python and pip:

sudo apt-get install python
sudo apt-get install pip

Install selenium:

pip install selenium

Step 3: Run program


You can run the program in headless mode adding the headless argument

python headless

For windows

Make sure that you download the correct browser driver version for your os, and for Windows make sure that it extensions is .exe