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<project name="Build" default="compress">
<target name="concatenate">
<concat destfile="../build/jsfeat.js" encoding="UTF-8" outputencoding="UTF-8" fixlastline="true">
<filelist id="filelist" dir="../src">
<file name="jsfeat.js"/>
<file name="jsfeat_struct.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_cache.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_math.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_mat_math.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_linalg.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_motion_estimator.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_imgproc.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_fast_corners.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_yape06.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_yape.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_orb.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_optical_flow_lk.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_haar.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_bbf.js" />
<file name="jsfeat_export.js" />
<target name="compress" depends="concatenate" description="Compress jsfeat.js to jsfeat-min.js">
<apply executable="java" parallel="false">
<filelist dir="../build" files="jsfeat.js" />
<arg line="-jar" />
<arg path="yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar" />
<srcfile />
<arg line="-o" />
<mapper type="glob" from="*.js" to="../build/*-min.js" />
<targetfile />
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