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JavaScript Computer Vision library.
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Issue #27: Add a hough transform implementation ported from opencv
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JavaScript Computer Vision library

The project aim is to explore JS/HTML5 possibilities using modern & state-of-art computer vision algorithms.

Examples and Documentation


  • Custom data structures
  • Basic image processing methods (grayscale, derivatives, box-blur, resample, etc.)
    • grayscale (Demo)
    • box blur (Demo)
    • gaussian blur (Demo)
    • equalize histogram (Demo)
    • canny edges (Demo)
    • sobel deriv (Demo)
    • scharr deriv (Demo)
    • find more at Examples and Documentation page
  • Linear Algebra module
    • LU (Gaussian elimination) solver
    • Cholesky solver
    • SVD decomposition, solver and pseudo-inverse
    • Eigen Vectors and Values
  • Multiview module (Demo)
    • Affine2D motion kernel
    • Homography2D motion kernel
    • RANSAC motion estimator
    • LMEDS motion estimator
  • Matrix Math module for various matrix operation such as traspose, multiply etc.
  • Features 2D
    • Fast Corners feature detector (Demo)
    • YAPE06 feature detector (Demo)
    • YAPE feature detector (Demo)
    • ORB feature descriptor (Demo)
  • Lucas-Kanade optical flow (Demo - click to add points)
  • HAAR object detector (Demo)
  • BBF object detector (Demo)
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