Instagram bot. It works without instagram api, need only login and password. Write on python.
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On 03-Apr-2018, I wiped out the existing issues/PRs associated with this repo, they've built up due to some neglect. Now, there's a clean slate. New issues must follow the format provided and PRs will be reviewed and potentially accepted. Contributors are encouraged to review existing issues and submit changes.

Please do not clone this repo and publish it as your own. Fork the repo if you wish to publish any changes.

Toolkit for building automated Instagram bots without direct access to the Instagram API or passsing through the review process.

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Parameter Type Description Default value
login str Your instagram username
password str Your instagram password
start_at_h int Start program at the hour 0
start_at_m int Start program at the min 0
end_at_h int End program at the hour 23
end_at_m int End program at the min 59
database_name str change the name of database file to use multiple account "follows_db.db"
like_per_day int Number of photos to like per day (over 1000 may cause throttling) 1000
media_max_like int Maximum number of likes on photos to like (set to 0 to disable) 0
media_min_like int Minimum number of likes on photos to like (set to 0 to disable) 0
follow_per_day int Photos to like per day 0
follow_time int Seconds to wait before unfollowing 5 * 60 * 60
unfollow_per_day int Users to unfollow per day 0
comments_per_day int Comments to post per day 0
comment_list [[str]] List of word lists for comment generation [['this', 'your'], ['photo', 'picture', 'pic', 'shot'], ['is', 'looks', 'is really'], ['great', 'super', 'good'], ['.', '...', '!', '!!']]
tag_list [str] Tags to use for finding posts by hasthag or location(l:locationid from e.g. ['cat', 'car', 'dog', 'l:212999109']
tag_blacklist [str] Tags to ignore when liking posts []
user_blacklist {str: str} Users whose posts to ignore {}
max_like_for_one_tag int How many media of a given tag to like at once (out of 21) 5
unfollow_break_min int Minimum seconds to break between unfollows 15
unfollow_break_max int Maximum seconds to break between unfollows 30
log_mod int Logging target (0 log to console, 1 log to file, 2 no log.) 0
proxy str Access instagram through a proxy. (host:port or user:password@host:port)


Method Description
get_media_id_by_tag(tag) Add photos with a given tag to like queue
like_all_exist_media(num) Like some number of media in queue
auto_mod() Automatically loop through tags and like photos
unlike(id) Unlike media, given its ID.
comment(id, comment) Write a comment on the media with a given ID.
follow(id) Follow the user with the given ID.
unfollow(id) Unfollow the user with the given ID.
logout() Log out of Instagram.

Usage examples

Basic bot implementation:

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password')

Standard use with custom tags:

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password', tag_list=['with', 'your', 'tag'])

Standard use with change default settings (you should know what you do!):

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password',
               tag_list=['like', 'follow', 'f4f'],

Get media by one tag 'python' and like 4 of them:

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password')

Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials demo setting up and running the bot: