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Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra

Build CircleCI

Project Status: Sunset

The Cassandra-operator is currently being sunsetted and will be archived once a community (Apache) Cassandra operator is released. If you are looking for an Apache Cassandra operator for Kubernetes, please check out the operator from Orange called casskop or from Datastax called cass-operator.

The Cassandra Operator manages Cassandra clusters deployed to Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating a Cassandra cluster.

Currently user-facing, Cassandra cluster objects are created as Kubernetes Custom Resources.

Cassandra Version Support

We are currently building images for Cassandra 3.11.9 and 4.0-beta4.


All relevant information related to the usage of our Instaclustr Cassandra Operator is in our operator wiki


  • Kubernetes 1.15+
  • Helm 3 (if you want to use the included helm charts)


  • This operator is currently a work in progress, and breaking changes are landing in master all the time. Here be dragons!
  • We expect to consider the Cassandra Operator stable soon; backwards incompatible changes will not be made once the project reaches stability.
  • Some planned features have yet to be completed, and API changes are still possible—meaning that bug fixes, API, and version changes may not be backwards compatible.
  • Please see the Instaclustr supported projects page for the enterprise support status of the Cassandra Operator.

Further Information