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Go API client for instaclustr_icarus

REST API for Instaclustr Icarus - a sidecar for Cassandra.

You may try this API just from your browser - check API on GitHub pages. It is expected that there is a Cassandra node running on your local host and Icarus is started locally too - listening on (which is default). Check Icarus repository for more documentation.


This API client was generated by the swagger-codegen project. By using the swagger-spec from a remote server, you can easily generate an API client.

  • API version: 1.0.7
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.v3.generators.go.GoClientCodegen


Put the package under your project folder and add the following in import:

import "./instaclustr_icarus"

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to http://localhost:4567

Class Method HTTP request Description
ConfigApi ConfigGet Get /config returns configuration of a Cassandra node as in its cassandra.yaml file
OperationsApi OperationsGet Get /operations All operations of Icarus
OperationsApi OperationsOperationIdGet Get /operations/{operationId} gets operation by its ID
OperationsApi OperationsPost Post /operations Submits an operation to this Sidecar
StatusApi StatusGet Get /status returns a state of a Cassandra node
TopologyApi TopologyDcGet Get /topology/{dc} returns topology of a datacenter of a cluster
TopologyApi TopologyGet Get /topology returns topology of a cluster as seen from this node
VersionApi VersionCassandraGet Get /version/cassandra returns version of Cassandra node
VersionApi VersionGet Get /version returns version of Cassandra Sidecar itself
VersionApi VersionSchemaGet Get /version/schema returns schema version this Cassandra node is on, same as calling StorageServiceMBean#getSchemaVersion
VersionApi VersionSidecarGet Get /version/sidecar alias for /version endpoint, returns version of Cassandra Sidecar itself

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization

Endpoints do not require authorization.