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Instaclustr Minotaur

Minotaur is a command line tool for consistent rebuilding of a Cassandra cluster.

minotaur Instaclustr



$ mvn clean install

Artifacts are in target.

We provide:

  • Minotaur jar

  • rpm package

  • deb package


# here we suppose you have installed e.g. RPM
$ minotaur \
    --jmx-keystore=/path/to/keystore.p12 \
    --jmx-keystore-password=cassandra \
    --jmx-password=cassandra \
    --jmx-truststore=/path/to/truststore.jks \
    --jmx-truststore-password=cassandra \
    --jmx-user=cassandra \
    --jmx-service= \
    -k my_keyspace \
    -s dc1 \

JAR invocation

$ java -jar target/minotaur.jar {args}

Cassandra Version Compatibility

We have tested this against 3.11 and 4.0. Other versions should work ootb too as we are just talking via JMX.


Usage: minotaur [-hV] [--jmx-client-auth] [--jmx-keystore=[STRING]]
                [--jmx-keystore-password=[STRING]] [--jmx-password=[STRING]]
                [--jmx-service=[ADDRESS][:PORT]|[JMX SERVICE URL]] [--jmx-truststore=[PATH]]
                [--jmx-truststore-password=[PATH]] [--jmx-user=[STRING]]
                [-k=<keyspaces>] -s=<sourceDC>
Application for consistent rebuilding of a Cassandra cluster
  -h, --help                Show this help message and exit.
      --jmx-client-auth     boolean saying if c.s.m.j.ssl.need.client.auth should be set, defaults to false
                            Path to keystore file for Cassandra
                            Password to keystore file for Cassandra
                            Password for JMX for Cassandra
      --jmx-service=[ADDRESS][:PORT]|[JMX SERVICE URL]
                            Address (and optional port) of a Cassandra instance to connect to via JMX.
ADDRESS may be a
                              hostname, IPv4 dotted or decimal address, or IPv6 address. When ADDRESS
                              is omitted, the loopback address is used. PORT, when specified, must
                              be a valid port number. The default port 7199 will be substituted if
                              omitted. Defaults to ':7199'
                            Path to truststore file for Cassandra
                            Password to truststore file for Cassandra
      --jmx-user=[STRING]   User for JMX for Cassandra
  -k, --keyspaces=<keyspaces>
                            if no keyspace is specified, all keyspaces on non-local strategy will be rebuilt.
  -s, --source-dc=<sourceDC>

  -V, --version             Print version information and exit.


We are using logback. logback.xml is already embedded in the built JAR, however if you want to configure it feel free to provide your own logback.xml and configure it as follows:

java -Dlogback.configurationFile=my-custom-logback.xml -jar minotaur.jar ...

You can find the original file in src/main/resources/logback.xml.

Further Information