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We built this Comfy Twitch Chat Module live on Twitch for Coding Cafe!

Special Thanks: Comfy.JS is possible thanks to tmi.js maintained by @AlcaDesign

Comfy.JS lets you integrate with Twitch chat for your Twitch channel SUPER EASILY in just a few lines of code. Here's a quick 3-min video on how to use it: (Click image to open video)

ComfyJS How-To Video


Like these projects? The best way to support my open-source projects is by becoming a Comfy Sponsor on GitHub!

Come and hang out with us at the Comfiest Corner on Twitch!



  1. Install comfy.js
npm install comfy.js --save
  1. Respond to !commands your channel
var ComfyJS = require("comfy.js");
ComfyJS.onCommand = ( user, command, message, flags, extra ) => {
  if( flags.broadcaster && command === "test" ) {
    console.log( "!test was typed in chat" );
ComfyJS.Init( "MyTwitchChannel" );


  1. Download and add comfy.js from the dist folder or include from the JSDelivr CDN:
<script src="comfy.min.js"></script>


<script src=""></script>
  1. Respond to !commands your channel
    <script src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      ComfyJS.onCommand = ( user, command, message, flags, extra ) => {
        if( flags.broadcaster && command === "test" ) {
          console.log( "!test was typed in chat" );
      ComfyJS.Init( "MyTwitchChannel" );


Currently, the flags possible in onCommand() and onChat() are:

  • broadcaster
  • mod
  • founder
  • subscriber
  • vip
  • highlighted
  • customReward

Extra Parameter

Currently, the extra parameter for the onCommand() contains the following fields:

  • id (the message message)
  • channel
  • roomId
  • messageType
  • messageEmotes
  • isEmoteOnly
  • userId
  • username
  • displayName
  • userColor
  • userBadges
  • flags
  • timestamp
  • customRewardId (only works with custom channel rewards with required-text)

If the message is a command, the extra parameter will contain an additional field:

  • sinceLastCommand

which contains the information on the time periods in ms since the last time any user, or the specific user, has used the same command. This field can be convenient to be used for setting global cooldown or spamming filters. See examples below:

ComfyJS.onChat = ( user, message, flags, self, extra ) => {
  if( flags.broadcaster && command === "test" ) {
    if( extra.sinceLastCommand.any < 100 ) {
        `The last '!test' command by any user was sent less than 100 ms ago`

    if( extra.sinceLastCommand.user < 100 ) {
        `The last '!test' command by this specific user (as denoted by the 'user' parameter) was sent less than 100 ms ago`

Reading Chat Messages

You can read chat messages by using the onChat() handler

ComfyJS.onChat = ( user, message, flags, self, extra ) => {
  console.log( user, message );

Sending Chat Messages

Sending Chat Messages can be done through ComfyJS.Say( message ) but requires an OAUTH password when connecting to chat.

Securely adding your password

  1. Get a Twitch Chat OAuth Password Token -
  2. Install dotenv
npm install dotenv --save
  1. Create a file named .env that looks like this:
OAUTH=[YOUR-OAUTH-PASS HERE] # e.g. OAUTH=oauth:kjh12bn1hsj78445234
  1. Initialize with the Username and OAUTH password
var ComfyJS = require("comfy.js");
ComfyJS.onCommand = ( user, command, message, flags, extra ) => {
  if( command === "test" ) {
    ComfyJS.Say( "replying to !test" );
ComfyJS.Init( process.env.TWITCHUSER, process.env.OAUTH );

Joining a Different Channel

You can join a different channel or groups of channels by specifying in the Init()

Joining a Single Channel

ComfyJS.Init( "MyTwitchChannel", null, "ChannelToJoin" );

Joining Multiple Channels

ComfyJS.Init( "MyTwitchChannel", null, [ "ChannelA", "ChannelB", "ChannelC" ] );

Channel Point Reward Redemptions

Channel Point Reward Redemptions require extra Twitch OAuth permission scopes (and must be the OAuth of the channel owner!)

You can use this tool:

Scopes: channel:manage:redemptions channel:read:redemptions user:read:email chat:edit chat:read

ComfyJS.onReward = ( user, reward, cost, message, extra ) => {
  console.log( user + " redeemed " + reward + " for " + cost );

Comfy.JS includes functions to manage Channel Point Rewards. These functions require the ClientID used in getting the Twitch OAuth password for the channel.

  • GetChannelRewards( clientId, manageableOnly = true )
    • Gets the channel's rewards
  • CreateChannelReward( clientId, rewardInfo )
    • Creates a channel point reward
  • UpdateChannelReward( clientId, rewardId, rewardInfo )
    • Updates a channel point reward (Only rewards created with this ClientID can be updated)
  • DeleteChannelReward( clientId, rewardId )
    • Deletes a channel point reward (Only rewards created with this ClientID can be deleted)
let channelRewards = await ComfyJS.GetChannelRewards( clientId, true );

let customReward = await ComfyJS.CreateChannelReward( clientId, {
    title: "Test Reward",
    prompt: "Test Description",
    cost: 100,
    is_enabled: true,
    background_color: "#00E5CB",
    is_user_input_required: false,
    is_max_per_stream_enabled: false,
    max_per_stream: 0,
    is_max_per_user_per_stream_enabled: false,
    max_per_user_per_stream: 0,
    is_global_cooldown_enabled: false,
    global_cooldown_seconds: 0,
    should_redemptions_skip_request_queue: true
} );

let updatedReward = await ComfyJS.UpdateChannelReward( clientId,, {
    title: "Test Reward (Updated)",
    prompt: "Updated Description",
    cost: 200,
    is_enabled: true,
} );

await ComfyJS.DeleteChannelReward( clientId, );

Disconnecting from Server

You can disconnect from the server and all channels by using Disconnect().


All Supported Events

  • onCommand( user, command, message, flags, extra )
    • Responds to "!" commands
  • onChat( user, message, flags, self, extra )
    • Responds to user chatting
  • onWhisper( user, message, flags, self, extra )
    • Responds to user whisper event
  • onMessageDeleted( id, extra )
    • Responds to chat message deleted
  • onReward( user, reward, cost, message, extra )
    • Responds to Channel Point Redemptions
  • onJoin( user, self, extra )
    • Responds to user joining the chat
  • onPart( user, self, extra )
    • Responds to user leaving the chat
  • onHosted( user, viewers, autohost, extra )
    • Responds to channel being hosted
    • Requires being authorized as the broadcaster
  • onBan( bannedUsername, extra )
    • Responds to a user being banned
  • onTimeout( timedOutUsername, durationInSeconds, extra )
    • Responds to a user being timed out
  • onRaid( user, viewers, extra )
    • Responds to raid event
  • onCheer( user, message, bits, flags, extra )
    • Responds to user cheering
  • onSub( user, message, subTierInfo, extra )
    • Responds to user channel subscription
  • onResub( user, message, streamMonths, cumulativeMonths, subTierInfo, extra )
    • Responds to user channel subscription anniversary
  • onSubGift( gifterUser, streakMonths, recipientUser, senderCount, subTierInfo, extra )
    • Responds to user gift subscription
  • onSubMysteryGift( gifterUser, numbOfSubs, senderCount, subTierInfo, extra )
    • Responds to user sending gift subscriptions
  • onGiftSubContinue( user, sender, extra )
    • Responds to user continuing gift subscription
  • onConnected( address, port, isFirstConnect )
    • Responds when connecting to the Twitch chat.
  • onReconnect( reconnectCount )
    • Responds when attempting to reconnect to the Twitch chat.
  • onError( error )
    • Hook for Errors


Thank you to all the participants of this project!

Instafluff, Instafriend, Neo_TA, ChatTranslator, fydo, That_MS_Gamer, MrRayKoma, Amarogine, HunWalk, simrose4u, sparky_pugwash, soggycoffee, blackdawn1980, BooobieTrap, lizardqueen, TastyGamers101, MalForTheWin, SourBeers, Stay_Hydrated_Bot, codeaurora, DutchGamer46, TheHungerService, BungalowGlow, koralina_211, TominationTime, itsDeke, fd_god92, SushiDay, FlyToto_, Docpinecone, katori15, ScrtSolstice, QeraiX, superravemonster, Jwh1o1, Deitypotato, Stobie, Chlapicek99, tehWokes, SuperChihuahua, FranC312, FuriousFur, Moopaloo, CreativeBuilds, donaldwm, Zorchenhimer, Grognardian, ravavyr, Chibigirl24, DR4G0N_S4MUR41, PokemoHero, rekaj3773, cunavrito, TheGeekGeneration, DevMerlin, julieee22, malfunct, blazeninja3, pookiepew, xxMiabellexx, Rlchibi

Thank you to everyone that helped in turning Comfy.JS into a browser module!

Instafluff, Instafriend, ChatTranslator, Gilokk0, qbotv3, That_MS_Gamer, KitAnnLIVE, simrose4u, MacabreMan2, LuRiMer313, sparky_pugwash, AbbyFabby, sethorizer, julieee22, Numb3rY, Jwh1o1, baileydale, kevkab, Stay_Hydrated_Bot, DrJavaSaurus, stresstest, BungalowGlow, Dr_Zero, NiteCrawla, fd_god92, DrEriksen, codeheir, Talk2meGooseman, sneelps, cottonsmiles, DutchGamer46, LilyHazel, Kyoslilmonster, guthron, DragosNox, sciondragons, HonestDanGames, Xynal, MerlinLeWizard, FablesGames, BrainoidGames, donaldwm, Gharrotey, RIKACHET, HeyOhKei, DevMerlin, CrimsonKnightZero, ellie_pop, ItsNaomiArt, SomaPills, TheSabbyLife, bktdakid31, IsaisChannel, thegooseofwild, itsDeke, bubblesandunicorns, jellydance, MalForTheWin, Chibigirl24, Pearcington, RikuRinku, rockysenpai24, DEAD_P1XL, codeaurora, EndlessMoonfall, fromtheannex, Optik_Nerve, qerwtr546, REAZNxxx, GoonPontoon, JesseSkinner, roberttables, pookiepew, Lannonbr, SoG_Cuicui, Deitypotato, shalomhanukkahbneishimon, UpmostKek, xeiu, skatesubzero, kingswerv, K1ng440, kaisuke, kinbiko, malfunct, BooobieTrap, Kara_Kim

Thanks to everyone who joined in on adding Twitch PubSub support for Channel Point Reward Redemptions to Comfy.JS!

Instafluff, Instafriend, informathemusic, aRandomTim, shadesofpixie, That_MS_Gamer, ToeNeeHee, httpJunkie, ryanchetty_1, calguru, chrislocality, Atanerah, rekaj3773, moshiko777, fizhes, AnnaCodes, Smokestormx, TheGeekGeneration, SavenaV, KotaKlan, rosebutterfly24, Simpathey, Spationaute, DjDesidera, JupiterZky, judybelle1, Shaezonai, shineslove, airsickmammal, walaber, jellydance, LilyHazel, PainArtist, Nickloop_TTV, VerbatimStudios, silversurfer1989, BellaTriXrbsa, holloway87, Asherroth86, Tiwesday, not_your_point, JenDevelops, tenaciousw, Cuicui_off, stevis5, aranhawaii, DevMerlin, wabes1, jeckle, opti_21, sparky_pugwash, tommunist_64, DutchGamer46, DoctorArgus, simrose4u, DreamGardenPanda, onelineofme, stuyksoft, Simployed, JustinZedly, Rhedone, DrMikachu, Gurkenkater, MrDemonWolf, saltipretzelz, MerlinLeWizard, Kurokirisu, Juscekame, FuriousFur, andresurrego, MissNightcrawler, karatewump, DrillsKibo, florinpop17, Axell99Design, Ahmed_Riad_1, Keegan_GDiegen, PortaalGaming, mjewl, cheppy4444dude, Soccerdude4444, klforthwind, penguinian, 10TenArt, Atndesign, DNIStream, LoveSudoNimh, prosto_artem27, lucasnramos, A_Ninja_For_Jesus_Bruh, RedChrisMS, Lineyatronic, Totte292, A_Gold_Fish, ShiDotMoe, tbdgamer, MatthewDGroves, dota2attitude, mistersyntax, SekaCakes, llamakid29, CryptoCoyote, MurdocTurner, JeanValjean80, walpolea, Jessi8712, butschibuuuu, Cmiley6, TheFlamingWings, hehe24h, cryogen_sw, DrJavaSaurus, rota22_, julieee22, bronick16, ScrtSolstice, ghostlupo86, wake_the_beast, williamcameron2, GizmoPugLife, OG24com