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ReadGood Dyslexia-Friendly Twitch Chat View Using OpenDyslexic Font!


We built this Dyslexia-Friendly Twitch Chat View live on Twitch at the Comfy Corner!


  • OpenDyslexic font chat
  • New Chatter Highlighting (Purple)
  • Tagged @ Message Highlighting (Red)
  • Auto-Scroll & Chat History Scroll-Lock


  • Channel Point Redemptions
  • BTTV & FrankerFaceZ Emotes
  • Other Fonts
  • Long words word-wrap


Like these projects? The best way to support my open-source projects is by becoming a Comfy Sponsor on GitHub!

Come and hang out with us at the Comfiest Corner on Twitch!



Add this as a Browser Source and replace yourchannel with your Twitch username!

You can also add an optional value in the url to ignore !commands and users:

For example:,streamelements


Thank you too all the participants of this project!

That_MS_Gamer, Instafluff, Instafriend, MacabreMan, Skylusion, wabes1, sparky_pugwash, guthron, clubhouse13, simrose4u, Shaezonai, aries4174587, Linol_Shadowcat, RIKACHET, OhScee, its_indy_, SourBeers, DeviCat, Foxwind, PinkFlufflyLlama, LilyHazel, MisterHex, saturdaywithmilk, sethorizer, TheAllagaesia, where_is_laughingman, Jane_Henry, JupiterZky, thejollymercenary, stuyksoft, AntiPixelated, indrac_the_sucnak, LinusvDev, power_botttom, nopogo_tv, cotoli, hork71, arandomtim, Danachew, deepsense6, mynameisinfi, CodingGarden, elsuxo, schwep_blaze, jeffreyeski, MaitresseDterre, Gestampte_Muisjes, fledraTV, JulianNicholls, benaarondammer, Uberblacktorne, ozma08, lauchlinmac, Frinniz, MrBosston24, Omgitsmelih, Ella_Fint, Acid_Spark, Arkore, Ceneka, SomeoneSaySound, python_ae, smilesandteaa, BungalowGlow, ecomath328, vapidvial, DutchGamer46, MakeMistakes, 레드쟈몽, protopoly_dot_com, PhysoTronic, Gilokk0, bryanlrobinson, narendev, Bobothelord, wietlol, SleepyTeaKitty, dreamdynamictv, TheWeirdOne, Moriarty24, daLoach20, igigi91, tenaciousw, twitch_105, Luxadin, julieee22, jawibae, pookiepew, twwa3, RikuRinku, i1uvatar, caLLowCreation, csharpfritz, JohanB, aisu_kurimu, codesillystuff, holloway87, pipskidoodle, GeeScot, wingedDaedalus, PVNCHY, SJS_55, CapN_Squirrel, PorcelainRat, shennifr, Knit1Play2, ExpeditionFiction, merkurrz, ItsLittany, SoG_Cuicui, thegooseofwild, guruguhan, neniltheelf, FuriousFur, thevonwaff, Kershoc, Tpojka, Beachcasts, Godofdevill, eazy91, anotherfathead, sadmoody, barbapapapap, DerkarolDer, Little_Bungorf, in_just, GEEmale, CopperBeardy, 10TenArt, docd27, DoctorArgus

Thanks to everyone who helped add the following features to ReadGood and test and polish it up!

  • Stop auto-scroll when not at bottom
  • Button to scroll back to bottom
  • highlighting channel name/@name
  • indicator for new chatters
  • use color contrast to determine outline color for name
  • ignore users option

Instafluff, nopogo_tv, Instafriend, Shaezonai, Neo_TA, wabes1, AntiPixelated, That_MS_Gamer, blakeparsons12, aRandomTim, Venald, narendev, LilyHazel, rockysenpai24, tbdgamer, CopperBeardy, CodeStencil, FBoucheros, Paramatus, Moopaloo, Ella_Fint, HeyOhKei, m00bt, Im_KuroNeko, PicassiPy, Bulbalight, JupiterZky, aries4174599, scrabill, simrose4u, holloway87, DutchGamer46, A_Ninja_For_Jesus_Bruh, corgiherder11, mariocesar_xyz, ImRichBroke, Eolios, oLiVeThEsAvAgE, roberttables, bryanlrobinson, saltnburnem313, Lord_of_Conquest, The1BadKid, rota22_, zen_828, Kuremaku, ToeFrog, TheAllagaesia, sparky_pugwash, MaartenVanStam, nallaj, RIKACHET, shaggieh, orangeboy25, FuriousFur, JeanValjean80, violettepanda, Maayainsane, Cuicui_off, merkurrz, Korthrun, SuperChihuahua, Bray209, Tomcii, GlitterholicDreamz, KidLudens, MELxQI, MsSaltyGiggles, squiid____, Gilokk0, 레드쟈몽, julieee22, keepingitcasualblog, GAhlekzis, Jwh1o1, SR_CAMALEON, davidvkimball, CriticalPact, Beachcasts, vashcowboyspikespiegal, VETOK, shockthetoast, losthewar, d_ryan, sethorizer, judybelle1, Patchshifter, Slimenian, joeybest235, FlavCreations, naughty_girl69_, GiraffeKiller, MisterHex, MaryJoStaebler, TrezyCodes, ja0b_, me_jtz, UncleNikky, yopper89, DevMerlin_, Smokestormx, ScrtSolstice, trufflette, noopkat


Dyslexia-Friendly Twitch Chat View Using OpenDyslexic Font!







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