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Feel free to contribute to or use the code as you like.


For anyone who's interested in working on translating this site, please look into the /lang/ directory of this repository. There are some sample translation JSON files there. To start, just make a copy of the en.json file and start filling it out.

Bear in mind that the site is being constantly updated, so you may want to check back every so often.

CSS editing

Please do not edit the screen.css file directly, but instead edit the .stylus files found in assets/styl/. To compile the Stylus code into CSS, you'll need to run this terminal command from the project root:

stylus -w -c assets/styl/screen.styl -o assets/css -u ~/local/node/lib/node_modules/nib

If you don't have the Stylus package just install it (along with the nib) extension npm:

npm install -g stylus nib


No Copyright