Public Reference Repository for Instana Agent Updates
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Instana Agent Update Repository

This repository contains all released Instana agent versions.

There can be potentially many different release branches, like alpha or beta, but currently there is only one: public

This release branch is referenced in each agent installation in etc/org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg

with the line: (This url matches the URL from pom.xml distribution management section)

Updates from that repository will be pulled automatically by the agent. The update interval is defined in etc/instana/com.instana.agent.main.config.UpdateManager.cfg.

Should automatic update not be desired, it is possible to pin the agent to a specific version. This can be done in etc/instana/com.instana.agent.bootstrap.AgentBootstrap.cfg, where the version needs to correspond to a commit of the respective release branch, like 06fba01ca3c13265c0ac33bfcb4e5b0ef08ec385. Once the version is pinned, no updates are performed anymore.