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The instana package provides Python metrics and traces (request, queue & cross-host) for Instana.

This package supports Python 2.7 or greater.

Any and all feedback is welcome. Happy Python visibility.

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Usage & Installation

The instana package will automatically collect metrics and distributed traces from your Python processes. Just install and go.

pip install instana into the virtual-env or container (hosted on pypi)

The Instana package can then be activated without any code changes required by setting the following environment variable for your Python application:


alternatively, if you prefer the manual method, simply import the instana package inside of your Python application:

import instana

See our detailed Installation document for additional information covering Django, Flask, End-user Monitoring (EUM) and more.


This Python package supports OpenTracing. When using this package, the OpenTracing tracer (opentracing.tracer) is automatically set to the InstanaTracer.

import opentracing

with opentracing.tracer.start_active_span('asteroid 💫') as pscope:
    pscope.span.set_tag(ext.COMPONENT, "Python simple example app")
    pscope.span.set_tag(ext.SPAN_KIND, ext.SPAN_KIND_RPC_SERVER)
    pscope.span.set_tag(ext.PEER_HOSTNAME, "localhost")
    pscope.span.set_tag(ext.HTTP_URL, "/python/simple/one")
    pscope.span.set_tag(ext.HTTP_METHOD, "GET")
    pscope.span.set_tag(ext.HTTP_STATUS_CODE, 200)
    pscope.span.log_kv({"foo": "bar"})
    # ... work ...

    with opentracing.tracer.start_active_span('spacedust 🌚', child_of=pscope.span) as cscope:
        cscope.span.set_tag(ext.SPAN_KIND, ext.SPAN_KIND_RPC_CLIENT)
        cscope.span.set_tag(ext.PEER_HOSTNAME, "localhost")
        cscope.span.set_tag(ext.HTTP_URL, "/python/simple/two")
        cscope.span.set_tag(ext.HTTP_METHOD, "POST")
        cscope.span.set_tag(ext.HTTP_STATUS_CODE, 204)
        cscope.span.set_baggage_item("someBaggage", "someValue")
        # ... work ...


For details on how to configure the Instana Python package, see


You can find more documentation covering supported components and minimum versions in the Instana documentation portal.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


Want to instrument other languages? See our Nodejs, Go, Ruby instrumentation or many other supported technologies.