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Default Config and Item Markup

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Config entry Description
classes_selection_item: 399 ID of classes selection item in the waiting lobby
exit_item: 152 ID of exit item in waiting lobby and when being spectator
achievement_item: 160 ID of achievement item in waiting lobby
spectator_item: 345 ID of item to show players that are still alive when being spectator
spectator_after_fall_or_death: true Whether to turn into spectator or just simply leave the game when losing (fall/death)
spectator_move_y_lock: true Whether to lock spectators at y level (30 blocks above arena spawn)
default_max_players: 4 Default maximum players that are able to join (not recognized by arcade if you use it)
default_min_players: 2 Default minimum amount of players that are needed before the game starts
lobby_countdown: 30 Lobby countdown in seconds
ingame_countdown: 2 Ingame countdown in seconds
execute_cmds_on_stop: true Whether to execute commands at arena stop
cmds: 'say CMDS TEST' the command to execute if option above is enabled
classes_gui_rows: 0 How many rows the classes menu should have
map_rotation: false Whether to rotate at same map (experimental)
broadcast_win: true Whether to broadcast win message
buy_classes_forever: false Whether to buy classes forever or just for one game
disable_commands_in_arena: true Whether to disable commands in the arena
leave_command: /quit The shortcut leave command
spawn_fireworks_for_winners: true Whether to spawn fireworks when the arena stops
broadcast_powerup_spawning: false Whether to broadcast that a powerup has been spawned
use_custom_scoreboard: true
send_game_started_msg: true Whether to broadcast a message to the players that the game started
auto_add_default_kit: true Whether to automatically add the default kit when noone
last_man_standing_wins: true Whether the last man standing wins or everyone can lose
effects: true Whether to display effects like blood


Config entry Description
economy: true Whether to enable economy rewards
economy_reward: 10 How much money reward winners with
item_reward: false Whether to use item rewards
item_reward_ids: 2641;111 Item IDs etc., check the item markup below for more info
command_reward: true
command: say
economy_for_kills: true
economy_reward_for_kills: 5
command_reward_for_kills: false Whether to use command rewards
command_for_kills: 'pex user add SKILLZ.*' Command to be executed for a winner

Item Markup

A normal item is made up of the id and the amount: 264*1

To add data (for example for colored wool), add it behind the id: 35 :5 *64

So that'd be a stack of red wool: 35:14*64

To add enchantments, add a #enchantmentname:level behind the id:data. Example of a stack of red wool with sharpness 2: 35:14#DAMAGE_ALL:2*64

You can see all enchantments at and all PotionEffects at

You can also use crackshot guns, e.g. crackshot:python, and potioneffects, e.g. potioneffect:ABSORPTION.

To add up multiple items, just seperate them with a semicolon: 35:14#DAMAGE_ALL:264;2461

You can also give the item a displayname: 35:14*64=NAME would be a red stack of wool with the name "NAME".

Potion Effects

Same as crackshot, just add a potioneffect:[potioneffect]. If you want to edit the duration or level: potioneffect:ABSORPTION:99999#2. :99999 is the duration, #1 is the level.

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