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Trivia and hidden features

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  • MinigamesLib will output the current server package version in red in the console when starting the server. Example: "Loaded MinigamesAPI. We're on v1_7_R4."
  • You'll join a random arena when doing /<cmd> join without specifying an arena. Actually there's an extra random sign included for that, too, just write random instead of the arena on the second line.
  • You can get debug info about a player with /mapi info <player>. It'll show all arenas the player is registered in by MinigamesLib and whether he's spectator or not.
  • You can do most in minecraft available effects by typing /mapi <effect>, be aware that it doesn't do error handling and might output errors in the console sometimes. It's just a small hidden testing tool.
  • You can set specific lobby and spectator boundaries with /<cmd> setspecbounds and /<cmd> setlobbybounds.
  • There's unused code which enabled users to setup a view of top players with their skulls on the server (like the top players on enjin). The idea was dropped as it was quite buggy, but maybe it'll be included some day.
  • The ArenaType "JUMPNRUN" is only used in Gungame as of now.
  • You can see the stats leaderboards with /<cmd> lb.
  • Even though you can change the leave command (/leave) in the config, you aren't able to remove or change the alternative /l. This is just in case something goes wrong with your customized leave command.
  • You can get the java class name of each arena in /<cmd> list by adding an extra argument, e.g. /<cmd> list abc.
  • You can stop all arenas with /<cmd> stopall.
  • You can add a custom lobby item with a custom command in the main config.
  • was going to hold part of the Arcade code, but I ended up having everything in Thus is useless.
  • There's full CrackShot and PotionEffect support for kits!
  • Most messages support multiline, just add a semicolon ;: Line1;Line2;Line3
  • You can send 1.8 titles and subtitles with /mapi title or /mapi subtitle to yourself
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