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# 介绍
<p align="right">English | <a href="./docs/">中文</a></p>

### 一起来贡献super-inspire 吧 !
# Contributing

>首先感谢您关注super-inspire的发展, 这里会告诉您如何参与共同构建更好的super-inspire!
### Commit message

super-inspire是一个基于docker container, web-shell 等可以在web界面直接启动一个虚拟linux环境用于:
* One change per commit

* 开发灵感验证
Say you have the following changes:

* 技术演讲, 演示
* a bug fix
* a new feature development

* linux新手学习
DO commit after each task

* 等等...
DO NOT bundle multiple changes in one commit

* Commit message convention

This project follows AngularJS's [commit message convention](

# 贡献 指南
`<type>(<scope>): <subject>`

> 按照共同的贡献指南才能更好的参与贡献和持续推进整个项目发展.
`type` must be one of:
* feat: A new feature
* fix: A bug fix
* docs: Documentation only changes
* style: Changes that do not affect the meaning of the code (white-space, formatting, missing semi-colons, etc)
* refactor: A code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature
* perf: A code change that improves performance
* test: Adding missing or correcting existing tests
* chore: Changes to the build process or auxiliary tools and libraries such as documentation generation


* docs(README): add sponsor link

### Commit message 指南
* style( fix syntax error

* 尽量 "一次修改" 就提交 "一次message"
* fix(api): fix create docker container bug


* 一个bug需要修复
* 一个新feature开发
### Issue

建议选择一个更为重要的工作 先行处理, 并在通过测试后进行commit
* Provide detailed environment information

而不是在一次commit中完成多项工作( 既完成bug修复, 同时也完成新feature开发 )
* Provide detailed steps to reproduce

* Commit message 格式
* Provide as much information as possible for the error (e.g. error message, stacktrace, etc)

推荐使用如下的commit message格式, 请注意该格式不是任何其他开源项目所共识的格式, 仅仅为了统一super-inspire的标准commit message 格式.

### Pull request

* Keep commit history clean

[main modify file/directory name] simple description
* Make sure python code passes pycodestyle tests

* Include unit tests

* Explain scope and reason for the change

* All pull requests are required to be reviewed

* 简单修改

[] Add sponsor link
### Join instantbox

[] Fix syntax error
Want to instantbox team? We'd love to have you.

Please send your request to with your information and areas of intended contribution.

* 复杂修改

[API] Fix create docker container bug

​ -. modify API/

​ -. modify API/

​ -. ...

### Issue 指南

* 尽可能提供足够的运行环境信息

* 尽可能提供运行时问题

* 尽可能提供完整打印的错误堆栈信息

### pull request 指南

* 建议通过fork项目, 并在完成贡献后通过pull request来合并到code主线

* 尽量保持 commit history 干净完整并通过单元测试后再行提交

* 尽量能够描述修改内容和原因

* 每一个pr需要经过至少一次他人的review

### 加入super-inspire

想加入super-inspire团队? 非常欢迎!

请将您的请求发送到 并注明请求和需求即可~

欢迎你参与super-inspire, 同时希望super-inspire能帮助你成长, 不过作为一个穷穷的小开源组织(哭), 我们暂时不能提供任何经济上的回馈, 还请理解> . <

### 其他疑问?

### Other questions?

Feel free to join us on [telegram]( or submit an issue.
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MIT License

Copyright (c) 2018 Super-Inspire
Copyright (c) 2019 instantbox

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
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<div align="center">

# instantbox

English | [中文](./docs/
<p align="right">English | <a href="./docs/">中文</a></p>

<div align="center">


### Get a clean, out of the box, temporary Linux in under 30s.

What's a instantbox? It allows you to access the web to operate an out-of-the-box Linux system in less than 30 seconds using only a browser. Of course, the "system" here is implemented with docker, so it cannot be considered as a more isolated virtualization system like KVM.

# instantbox

Join discuss in telegram group:
Get a clean, ready-to-go Linux box in seconds.

[![Travis CI](](
![Python 3.6](
![Code Style Pep8](
[![Chat on Telegram](](


[![Backers on Open Collective](](#backers)
[![Sponsors on Open Collective](](#sponsors)

## Current status and acceptance of sponsorship

Currently, the server resources are all provided by myself at my own expense.
In order to provide a better experience for everyone, we accept personal/corporate server resources (!!Urgent need!!!!!) and promotional sponsorship, but do not accept any financial support
If instantbox can help you and provide sponsorship with conditions and interests, I really hope you can get in touch with me. Please send me an email to Thank you very much.

- start domestic temporary server has resumed, but still behind the wall of temporary server performance, request address is
- the newly started temporary test server outside the wall has good performance and requests the address

In the case of over the GFW(Great Firewall of China), it is preferred to try using a foreign temporary test server

## Introduction

** So what can a instantbox do? **
### What is instantbox?

1. When you need a clean Linux environment for your presentation, you can try to use it to give a presentation to the audience
It's a project that spins up temporary Linux systems with instant webshell access from any browser.

2. When the school teaching /LUG activity needs everyone to use linux system, you can let students who can't install Linux temporarily experience the charm of Linux

3. When you have an inspiration and want to try it in a clean environment, why not use a instantbox out of the box?
### What can an instantbox do?

4. When I'm outside and I don't have a device , the instantbox allows me to manage servers on any device.
1. provides a clean Linux environment for a presentation
2. let students experience the charm of Linux at your school or your next LUG meet
3. run with an inspiration in a clean environment
4. manage servers from any device
5. experiment with an open source project
6. test software performance under resource constraints

5. See a project on GitHub that you're very interested in trying, but was put off by the fact that it's running on Linux?instantbox allows you to get a clean environment in 30s, and you can even open a port for testing programs that need ports (for instance,Develop port 80 for testing).
and more! ideas are endless...

6. instantbox due to use docker as its support, so we use cgroups to manage performance. If you want to test whether one of your apps can run under a certain performance, it is a good choice to use instantbox

More useful things of instantbox are you thinking about
### Which Linux distributions are available?

In addition, we are planning to develop persistence containers so that some user containers can be destroyed without closing the web page, and they can still be used for a short period of time (Containers that do not support external development).
We currently supports various versions of Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora and Alpine.


## Screenshot of the web interface

## Quickstart

## QuickStart/quickStart
Go to and follow instructions

To access the temporary server address, you can choose a favorite system here, and then the system will automatically create the system's container, and automatically open a new web page into the web shell interaction.
![Demo screenshot](

- currently support Ubuntu14.04, 16.04, 18.04;CentOS6.10;CentOS7;Alpine Latest.
- please note that pop-up windows are allowed.

## How to deploy instantbox?
## Deploy

If you think the experience provided by the official server is too slow, welcome to deploy one yourself! It's very easy to deploy a instantbox, and you need to have the following environment:

1. Linux system with docker, Ubuntu:16.04 is recommended
Prerequisite: docker [[More Information]](

mkdir instantbox && cd $_
bash <(curl -sSL

Now you can use the local instantbox! 
By default, please visit localhost:8888 to test.

## The questions?

If you have any questions, please submit the issue, we will check and reply soon.
Thanks a lot to the **ttyd** project of tsl0922 . It was with it that instantbox was able to complete the components of webshell.

I wish you greater access to Linux and open source through the instantbox, which is our biggest dream.
## Questions

## Contributors
Please submit an issue or join the conversation on [telegram](

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

## Donations

## Backers
We are in urgent need for donations in the form of server resources. Please contact us at if you are able to help. We appreciate it!

Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [[Become a backer](]

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
## Credits

* [tsl0922/ttyd]( - webshell

## Sponsors

Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [[Become a sponsor](]
## License

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
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<p align="right">中文 | <a href="../">English</a></p>

### 一起来贡献 instantbox 吧!

> 首先感谢您关注 instantbox 的发展, 这里会告诉您如何参与共同构建更好的 instantbox !

# 贡献指南

> 按照共同的贡献指南才能更好的参与贡献和持续推进整个项目发展

### Commit message 指南

* 尽量 "一次修改" 就提交 "一次 message"


* 一个 bug 需要修复
* 一个新 feature 开发

建议选择一个更为重要的工作先行处理,并在通过测试后进行 commit

而不是在一次 commit 中完成多项工作(既完成 bug 修复, 同时也完成新 feature 开发)

* Commit message 格式

项目使用 AngularJS 的 [commit message convention]( [[中文]](

`<type>(<scope>): <subject>`

其中 `type` 有以下可选项:
* feat:新功能(feature)
* fix:修补bug
* docs:文档(documentation)
* style: 格式(不影响代码运行的变动)
* refactor:重构(即不是新增功能,也不是修改bug的代码变动)
* perf:提升性能
* test:增加测试
* chore:构建过程或辅助工具的变动


* docs(README): add sponsor link

* style( fix syntax error

* fix(api): fix create docker container bug

### Issue 指南

* 尽可能提供足够的运行环境信息

* 尽可能提供运行时问题

* 尽可能提供完整打印的错误堆栈信息

### Pull request 指南

* 尽量保持 commit history 干净完整

* 确认代码风格通过 pycodestyle 验证

* 编写并确认代码通过单元测试

* 尽量能够描述修改内容和原因

* 每一个 PR 需要经过至少一次他人的 review

### 加入 instantbox

想加入 instantbox 团队? 非常欢迎!

请将您的请求发送到 并注明请求和需求即可~

欢迎你参与 instantbox , 同时希望 instantbox 能帮助你成长, 不过作为一个穷穷的小开源组织(哭), 我们暂时不能提供任何经济上的回馈, 还请理解 > . <

### 其他疑问?

欢迎前往 [telegram]( 参与交流或者直接提起 issue 来砸向我们呀~
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