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Open source software from Instantiations.

Popular repositories

  1. Compression framework for Dart providing FFI implementations for Brotli, Lz4, Zstd (Zstandard) with ready-to-use prebuilt binaries for Win/Linux/Mac.

    Dart 18 4

  2. A public place with examples of VA Smalltalk running with Docker

    C 7

  3. Tonel file format writer and reader implementation for VA Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 6 3

  4. Eclipse MQTT Paho Client for VA Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 3 2

  5. Provides additional compression schemes such as brotli, lz4, zstd (Zstandard) to Dart's gRPC library

    Dart 2

  6. Little tool to ease exporting code from Pharo to VA Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 1



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