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@gl00my gl00my released this Sep 1, 2018 · 76 commits to master since this release

Latest 3.2.x release.

Changes are:

  • new: mobile theme;
  • new: -lang parameter;
  • new: -notheme parameter;
  • new: instead.screen_size();
  • enh: themes cleanups;
  • new: cmake and LuaJIT build (-DWITH_LUAJIT=1);
  • enh: autosave in emscripten build;
  • enh: load status in emscripten build;
  • new: machine-translated English manual;
  • fix: Lua5.3 compatibility;
  • fix: ini method and load parameter;
  • fix: -appdata and system build;
  • fix: build with zlib;
  • fix: std.fmt and substitutions ($);
  • fix: segfault on restart;
  • fix: build with old gcc;
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