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A collection of camera controller and input wrapper scripts

Camera controller

  • FollowCamera is a component which will move camera which set to Camera setting to follow target which set to Target setting.
  • FollowCameraControls is a component which extending from FollowCamera to manage rotating and zooming.

Input wrapper scripts

How it work?

It has InputManager which is wrapper for mobile's on-screen joysticks to make it able to write the same input codes for mobile games and PC (or Mac or Linux).

You will have to change input codes:

  • UnityEngine.Input.GetButton(name) to InputManager.GetButton(name)
  • UnityEngine.Input.GetButtonDown(name) to InputManager.GetButtonDown(name)
  • UnityEngine.Input.GetButtonUp(name) to InputManager.GetButtonUp(name)
  • UnityEngine.Input.GetAxisRaw(name) to InputManager.GetAxis(name, true)
  • UnityEngine.Input.GetAxis(name) to InputManager.GetAxis(name, false)

Change input settings in InputSettingManager component instead of Unity's input manager

You can set input settings in InputSettingManager by add the component to empty game object, you should add it in init scene, then set input settings as you wish. I think it's a lot more convenient to set input settings in InputSettingManager component, if you don't want to use it, you still can use Unity's input manager.

Wrapper prority

Read on-screen input -> Read input setting from InputSettingManager -> Read input setting from Unity's input manager.

How to test mobile on-screen joysticks in editor?

To test mobile's on-screen joysticks while running in editor, you have to set InputManager -> useMobileInputOnNonMobile to TRUE

Rewired wrapper

This project is also has Rewired integration, if you have it and also want to use it, you have to add USE_REWIRED to scripting define symbols setting.


A camera controller and input wrapper







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