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A collection of build steps for use with Jenkins pipelines
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A collection of build steps for use with Jenkins pipelines packaged as a shared library.


Fetch and load the library following the guidelines from the Jenkins documentation.

Available Steps



Build step which automates installation of Android SDK components either through explicit declaration or by scanning the workspace for Gradle and Xamarin projects to extract the required SDK components from project files.

The following components will be installed and configured automatically:

  • platform-tools
  • tools
  • emulator
  • extras;android;m2repository
  • extras;google;m2repository
  • extras;intel;Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager

To scan the job workspace for Gradle and Xamarin projects, simply call the step as follows:

node {

To install packages explicitly, just pass a list of the packages to the installAndroidSdkPackages like below. Note that package names should match the Android sdkmanager format.

node {


Build step for launching Android AVDs - an AVD will be created with a unique name for the build currently being executed, launched then destroyed when the nested steps have completed. The step takes a map of arguments with the following keys:

  • hardwareProfile - the ID of an Android SDK hardware profile. Only the default SDK provided hardware profiles are supported which can be found by running avdmanager list.
  • systemImage - the system image to be used for the AVD, this should be in the sdkmanager format e.g. system-images;android-27;default;x86. The system image will be automatically installed if not already available.
  • (Optional) headless - a boolean signifying whether or not the the AVD should run with -no-window launch option included. Defaults to true if not specified.
  • A closure containing the build steps to execute while the AVD is running.
node {
    withAvd(hardwareProfile: "Nexus 5X", systemImage: "system-images;android-27;default;x86", headless: false) {
        sh "./gradlew connectedAndroidTest"

Note that this build step will automatically set the ANDROID_SERIAL environment variable so that the Gradle connectedAndroidTest tasks knows which emulator to target if multiple AVDs have been launched or concurrent builds are in progress for a build node.

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