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Swift UI testing framework
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Swift UI testing framework

Provides a pluggable abstraction over XCUITest and eventually EarlGrey. This allows changing UI test frameworks without having to rewrite tests.

  • brew install carthage
  • carthage bootstrap

Developing SwiftUITest

Run FunctionalTestRig once to get it installed on the simulator.

  • carthage bootstrap --no-build
  • open Carthage/Checkouts/EarlGrey/Tests/Functional/FunctionalTests.xcodeproj
  • Run FunctionalTestRig


Define a Cartfile

github "instructure/SwiftUITest" "master"

Reference SwiftUITest.framework built by Carthage.

  • Carthage/Build/iOS/SwiftUITest.framework

To Do

  • Move helper methods into SwiftUITest framework
  • Write tests for the helper methods using EarlGrey/Tests/FunctionalTests
  • Update canvas-ios to use the new helpers
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