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The open LMS by Instructure, Inc.
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Gemfile.d bump switchman
app use when checking permission on discussion topic
bin rails 4.0.10
client_apps Fixes participant count bug in Quiz Statistics
config Updated tr translation
db/migrate turnitin: use a unique identifier for courses
doc SIS CSV diffing
gems don't use Kernel#open
guard Implement PostGrades dialog in ReactJS
lib only generate turnitin_id when it's useful
loom introduced bower to manage js dependencies
public Google Doc submissions can no longer be submitted without selecting a…
script add gems/plugins to canvas_update script
spec only generate turnitin_id when it's useful
.bowerrc introduced bower to manage js dependencies
.fontcustom-manifest.json Add Import/Export Icons
.gitignore Takes out a npm-debug.log file that got in the repo and adds
.i18nignore bump rails 3 to github branch for ruby 2.2 compatibility
.jshintrc make jslint settings more sane
.travis.yml more travis builds add a contributing doc for github coolness
COPYRIGHT Initial commit.
Gemfile use eval_gemfile for bundler goodness
Guardfile added jsx
LICENSE Initial commit. remove badge until we are re-enabled
Rakefile remove rails 2 support
bower.json upgrade bower react & react-router but change nothing existing contributor code of conduct start adding rails 3.0 support
karma.conf.js address a number of issues with the js test suite
package.json return non-zero exit code on xss linting failure, refs CNVS-17663

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