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The open LMS by Instructure, Inc.
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Gemfile.d sentry field sanitization improvement
app gradebook csvs belong on the course's shard, not the user's
bin rails 4.0.10
client_apps Alters attempt indicators for a11y
config Updated ru translation
db/migrate Remove QS missing data fix queuing migration
doc send asset accesses as live events
docker-compose allow *.canvas.docker in the docker-compose dev environment
gems don't call on each pseudonym exported
guard Implement PostGrades dialog in ReactJS
lib QS missing data fix update
public fix unsaved changes warning not popping up for html editor on wiki pages
script Don't let rlint bail on files that don't exist anymore
spec set custom role permissions in the correct account
.bowerrc introduced bower to manage js dependencies
.dockerignore docker-compose based dev environment
.fontcustom-manifest.json Add Import/Export Icons
.gitignore docker-compose based dev environment
.i18nignore bump rails 3 to github branch for ruby 2.2 compatibility
.jshintrc make jslint settings more sane
.rubocop.yml Rubocop: Flag debuggers and prys as errors
.travis.yml more travis builds add a contributing doc for github coolness
COPYRIGHT Initial commit.
Gemfile use eval_gemfile for bundler goodness
Guardfile added jsx
LICENSE Initial commit. remove badge until we are re-enabled
Rakefile remove rails 2 support
bower.json Upgrades react-modal to the latest version in bower contributor code of conduct start adding rails 3.0 support
docker-compose.yml allow *.canvas.docker in the docker-compose dev environment
karma.conf.js address a number of issues with the js test suite
package.json Make changes for node 12/iojs.

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