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Matt Sessions
Matt Sessions Add ignore_for_scoring to rubric items in api
Refs MBL-11444

Test Plan:
 - Create an assignment
 - Create an outcome in the course
 - Add a rubric to the assignment
 - Attach that outcome to the rubric you created for the assignment
   and mark it as not contributing to the score
 - hit /api/v1/courses/:courseID/assignment/:assignmentID
 - Check that the rubric item for the outcome includes

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Reviewed-by: Frank Murphy III <>
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QA-Review: Nate Armstrong <>
Product-Review: Matt Sessions <>
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jest [spec] ensure MutationObserver exists to fix flaky jest test Sep 27, 2018
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packages update locales with new translations Oct 19, 2018
pact Include context_name in planner item response Aug 29, 2018
public Show resubmit to tool button when score is absent Oct 18, 2018
script create log files for scripts Oct 11, 2018
spec Add ignore_for_scoring to rubric items in api Oct 19, 2018
.babelrc add babel-plugin-transform-runtime for smaller JS Oct 12, 2017
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.eslintrc.js [eslint] turn of no-param-reassign Oct 16, 2018
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Gemfile allow choosing rails 5.1 via consul Oct 11, 2017
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Rakefile remove dead parallelized specs task Nov 10, 2016
bower.json spec: remove ember-qunit Jul 13, 2018 contributor code of conduct Dec 23, 2014 remove extra logging to debug Passenger connection orphan issue Jul 14, 2017
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docker-compose.override.yml update Dockerfile and docker-compose.override Oct 9, 2018
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schema.graphql graphql: add some top-level fields Oct 12, 2018
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webpack.production.config.js a couple uglifyJS settings to make prod debugging easier May 3, 2018
webpack.test.config.js upgrade react from 0.14.9 to 15.x Sep 17, 2018
yarn.lock bump bigeasy/timezone to 1.0.18 (2018e) Oct 15, 2018