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Latest commit d6b2dc2 Jul 25, 2017 @roor0 roor0 treesame commit of origin/stable/2017-07-15
Treesame-Commit-Id: 0c8b9af
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Gemfile.d bump saml2 gem Jun 24, 2017
app touch user_observer users at the end of a sis batch Jul 25, 2017
bin copyright linter auto correct, refs SD-2295 May 11, 2017
build docker enhancements/fixes, fixes SD-2499, refs gh-1043 May 26, 2017
client_apps get jquery and jquery.cookie from npm, not vendor May 8, 2017
config don't orphan a DB connection in the main passenger thread Jul 12, 2017
db/migrate Add dismissed attribute to planner override API Jul 20, 2017
doc Add submisson, attachment, and report id variable expansions Jul 6, 2017
docker-compose Add chrome to docker-compose config as default Jun 13, 2017
frontend_build Make it so you can use js in app/coffescripts Jun 7, 2017
gems move report reloading into master block Jun 25, 2017
lib also touch user observers for enrolling from user_list Jul 25, 2017
public add allowfullscreen to crocodoc launches Jul 18, 2017
script upgrade to aws-sdk v3 May 26, 2017
spec prevents possibly bad account association on sis import Jul 24, 2017
.babelrc Strip out react propTypes in prod webpack build Mar 13, 2017
.bowerrc introduced bower to manage js dependencies Dec 13, 2013
.codeclimate.yml disable ESLint in code climate Feb 14, 2017
.dockerignore docker enhancements/fixes, fixes SD-2499, refs gh-1043 May 26, 2017
.editorconfig Add EditorConfig configuration file to help maintain code style Nov 15, 2016
.eslintignore Don’t eslintignore public/js/vendor because we modified code in there Apr 11, 2017
.eslintrc.js eslint proposal: ignore ‘padded-blocks’ May 22, 2017
.gitignore Remove RequireJS support Mar 13, 2017
.i18nignore bump rails 3 to github branch for ruby 2.2 compatibility Feb 18, 2015
.i18nrc upgrade to node 6 Aug 9, 2016
.jshintrc make jslint settings more sane Aug 17, 2012
.npmrc fix brand config previewing and skipping Oct 27, 2015
.nvmrc bump node version to v6.9.5 (latest LTS) Feb 9, 2017
.rubocop.yml spec: de-dup spec descriptions, fixes SD-2181 Mar 3, 2017
.selinimumignore Revert and bring InstIcons into Canvas Nov 29, 2016
.stylelintrc stylelint, refs SD-1603 Oct 25, 2016
.travis.yml more travis builds Feb 10, 2014 update CONTRIBUTING wording for CLAHub May 19, 2017
COPYRIGHT Initial commit. Feb 1, 2011
Dockerfile docker enhancements/fixes, fixes SD-2499, refs gh-1043 May 26, 2017
Dockerfile-production docker enhancements/fixes, fixes SD-2499, refs gh-1043 May 26, 2017
Gemfile remove rails 4.0 support Oct 25, 2016
LICENSE Initial commit. Feb 1, 2011 Update since Canvas is still modern Dec 15, 2016
Rakefile remove dead parallelized specs task Nov 10, 2016
bower.json use node_modules wherever possible Nov 1, 2016 contributor code of conduct Dec 23, 2014 add more logging to passenger main thread connections Jul 11, 2017
docker-compose.jenkins.yml Rename docker-compose.test.yml May 17, 2017
docker-compose.override.yml Replace guard with webpack in docker-compose file Mar 13, 2017
docker-compose.yml add i18n sorting dependencies to docker Feb 21, 2017
gulpfile.js polyfill Object.values and Object.entries Jun 7, 2017 Add for GitHub issues Feb 19, 2016
karma.conf.js Remove RequireJS support Mar 13, 2017
package.json bump planner to 1.0.7 Jul 20, 2017
webpack.config.js don't pass frontend build files through babel Nov 8, 2016
webpack.production.config.js parallelize the uglify step of webpack prod build Feb 6, 2017
webpack.test.config.js revert es6 modules in public/javascripts to amd Apr 6, 2017
yarn.lock Revert "Replace pub/unpub toggle on course home page" Jul 20, 2017