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The open LMS by Instructure, Inc.
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Branch: stable
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Gemfile.d bump nokogiri
app Fixes issue where some students couldn't be removed from courses
bin rails 4.0.10
client_apps Fixes event sorting issue in question inspection view of QLA
config Updated tr translation
db/migrate rewrite activity stream summary for performance
doc add data-api-endpoint for module links in user content
docker-compose my kinesis won't start without this
gems determine recipients and queue notifications _after_ transaction commit
guard move 'parallel' gem to the everything group
lib don't blow up if there are no assignments again
public Bring back elementpath for tinyMCE, but hide in UI
script fix script/canvas_update to work with brandable_css
spec pass user to gradebook.csv background job
.bowerrc introduced bower to manage js dependencies
.dockerignore docker-compose based dev environment
.fontcustom-manifest.json Update icons for tinymce editor
.gitignore Prevent generated mkmf.log from accidently being put in git
.i18nignore bump rails 3 to github branch for ruby 2.2 compatibility
.jshintrc make jslint settings more sane
.rubocop.yml turn off Rubocop::Cop::Style::WhileUntilModifier
.travis.yml more travis builds add a contributing doc for github coolness
COPYRIGHT Initial commit.
Gemfile use eval_gemfile for bundler goodness
Guardfile ensure node_modules are up-to-date for guard & compile_assets
LICENSE Initial commit. remove badge until we are re-enabled
Rakefile remove rails 2 support
bower.json upgrade moment to 2.10.6 contributor code of conduct start adding rails 3.0 support
docker-compose.yml allow *.canvas.docker in the docker-compose dev environment
gulpfile.babel.js make sure plugin javascript bundles make it to CDN
karma.conf.js upgrade karma
package.json handle running 'brandable_css' from within a symlinked dir

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