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"predef": [
"INST", "define", "require", "ENV"
"browser": true,
"devel": true,
"jquery": true,
"asi": true, // This option suppresses warnings about missing semicolons.
"plusplus": false, // This option prohibits the use of unary increment and decrement operators
"curly": false, // This option requires you to always put curly braces around blocks in loops and conditionals
"forin": false, // This option requires all for in loops to filter object's items.
"undef": true, // This option prohibits the use of explicitly undeclared variables. This option is very useful for spotting leaking and mistyped variables.
"unused": true, // This option warns when you define and never use your variables. It is very useful for general code cleanup, especially when used in addition to undef.
"camelcase": true, //This option allows you to force all variable names to use either camelCase style or UPPER_CASE with underscores.
"eqeqeq":true, // This options prohibits the use of == and != in favor of === and !==. The former try to coerce values before comparing them which can lead to some unexpected results
"indent": 2, // This option enforces specific tab width for your code.
"latedef": true, // This option prohibits the use of a variable before it was defined
"immed": true, // This option prohibits the use of immediate function invocations without wrapping them in parentheses. Wrapping parentheses assists readers of your code in understanding that the expression is the result of a function, and not the function itself.
"boss": true // This option suppresses warnings about the use of assignments in cases where comparisons are expected. More often than not, code like if (a = 10) {} is a typo.
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