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I had to make a change to the submissions API to allow it to show final computed grades, including grades for muted assignments. I'd love to see this merged into the trunk. Thanks.


These changes don't work with the latest code, but I would still like to see this as a feature.


I think the change that broke your commit might also solve your problem (or hopefully get you most of the way there). The gradebook CSV now includes muted assignments (see You could just grab the csv or pass the :ignore_muted option to GradeCalculator. We don't currently save the ignore_muted value to the database.


Oh, one other note on the proposed API change: the grade including muted assignments should get filtered out for students (otherwise they would be able to infer the grade on the muted assignment the computed_final_score_with_muted grade change).


Thanks Cameron. Can you give me a sense of how I can filter this out for students?

If anyone else is interested, here are the changes I needed to make to get it working.

lib/grade_calculator.rb, line 63, just after def save_scores:

def final_score_with_muted(user_id, submissions)
  @ignore_muted = false
  group_sums = create_group_sums(submissions, false)

app/model/enrollment.rb, line 779, after computed_final_grade:

def computed_final_score_with_muted
  user_ids = [user_id]
  submissions = course.submissions.for_user(user_id).to_a
  calc =, course_id)
  calc.final_score_with_muted(user_id, submissions)

app/controllers/submissions_api_controller.rb, line 132, in def for_students:

if includes.include?('total_scores') && params[:grouped].present?
  :computed_final_score => enrollment.computed_final_score,
  :computed_final_score_with_muted => enrollment.computed_final_score_with_muted,
  :computed_current_score => enrollment.computed_current_score)

Hey Christopher, our api_json stuff calls filter_attributes_for_user on the model if it is defined. See for an example of how it is used.


In this case, the api change I made is in SubmissionsApiController#for_students, which seems to required permission to view / manage grades:

if authorized_action(@context, @current_user, [:manage_grades, :view_all_grades])

So student access to this shouldn't be a problem, right?


Sorry you're right Christopher. You shouldn't have any issues.

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