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pygmy quickly imports mysql tab data dumps into a postgres database.

psql does all the heavy lifting, pygmy just tells it what to do (drop
keys and indexes, COPY data, recreate indexes and keys, run ANALYZE,
populate sequences).


  pygmy [OPTION]... [-- [PSQL_OPTION]... [DBNAME [USERNAME]]]


  mysqldump mydb -u myuser --tab=./ --no-create-info
  pygmy -- pgdb pguser


  -d, --data-dir=DIR       directory containing tab-delimited dump files
                           (default: ".")
      --dry-run            outputs the psql import commands rather than
                           running them
      --export             export each table from the pg database. will
                           overwrite previous export files
      --verify             confirm each exported table is identical to the
                           source data. does implicit --export of any tables
                           not already exported
      --no-import          useful in conjunction with --verify if the data
                           was imported previously. otherwise this behaves
                           similarly to --dry-run
      --diff-threshold=N   used in conjunction with --verify. files larger
                           than N MB will be cksum'ed rather than diffed to
                           determine if they are different. default 100 MB
      --schema=SCHEMA      database schema (default: "public")
  -o, --only=T1,T2...      only import the specified tables
  -s, --skip=T1,T2...      skip the specified tables
  -v, --verbose            verbose mode
  -h, --help               show this help, then exit


  you must use the --tab option when dumping your mysql database, and you
  must not use any of the --fields-xxx or --lines-terminated-by options to
  change the formatting.

  PSQL_OPTIONS, DBNAME and USERNAME are passed along to psql. refer to its
  documentation for more info.

  pygmy only imports data, it does not set up the schema. it's built with
  rails apps in mind (though it may be useful for my->pg migrations in
  general). ideally you would do something like `rake db:migrate` prior to
  set up the schema.

Known Limitations:

  * pygmy depends on psql, sed and awk. it has only been tested on Ubuntu,
    and is known not to work correctly on the Mac (due to differences in
    sed's behavior)
  * pygmy sets the lastval for each sequence to the maximum column value
    of any column(s) using it, which is probably (but not necessarily) the
    last auto-increment value in mysql
  * tables exported from postgres for verification should probably not be
    imported into your mysql db, since some data may be changed. anything
    looking like a bool (t or f) gets converted to a tinyint to elminate
    false positives during our diff (we do the same thing on the mysql
    side), and that includes varchar/text columns