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A Helm plugin for testing Helm Charts using Open Policy Agent
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Conftest Helm plugin

A Helm plugin for testing Helm charts with Open Policy Agent, using conftest.


Install the plugin using the built-in plugin manager.

helm plugin install


Assuming you have policy defined in the policy folder, you can point the plugin at your chart.

$ helm conftest .
FAIL - release-name-mysql must include Kubernetes recommended labels:
Error: plugin "conftest" exited with error

Conftest has a number of flags which can alter it's behaviour, from changing the output formatting to specifying where to find the policy files. Conftest options are automatically passed to Conftest, with any other options being passed to Helm in the same way as helm template. This means you could set values before validating the chart. eg.

helm conftest charts/stable/nginx-ingress --set controller.image.tag=latest
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