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"description": "Handler defines a specific action that should be taken",
"properties": {
"exec": {
"description": "One and only one of the following should be specified. Exec specifies the action to take.",
"$ref": "_definitions.json#/definitions/io.k8s.api.core.v1.ExecAction"
"httpGet": {
"description": "HTTPGet specifies the http request to perform.",
"$ref": "_definitions.json#/definitions/io.k8s.api.core.v1.HTTPGetAction"
"tcpSocket": {
"description": "TCPSocket specifies an action involving a TCP port. TCP hooks not yet supported",
"$ref": "_definitions.json#/definitions/io.k8s.api.core.v1.TCPSocketAction"
"$schema": "",
"type": "object"
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