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A GitHub Action for using Kubeval
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A GitHub Action for using Kubeval in your workflows.

You can use the action as follows:

on: push
name: Validate
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - name: test
      uses: instrumenta/kubeval-action@master

By default the action will recursively scan for YAML files and validate them as Kubernetes obejcts. You can configure this with the parameters.

The Kubeval Action has a number of properties which map to the parameters for Kubeval itself. These are passed to the action using with.

Property Default Description
files . Which files or directories to validate
output stdout How to format the output from Conftest (stdout, json or tap)
openshift false Whether or not to use the OpenShift schemas rather than the upstread Kubernetes ones
strict true Whether ot not to fail for additional properties in objects
ignore_missing_schemas true Whether to fail if unknown resources are found
version master Which version of Kubernetes to validate against
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