Browser extension to help with Oracle APEX development
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Chrome Extension

Insum Apex Pro

Designed by Apex developers, for Apex developers.


Property Highlighter

  • A Show Non-Defaults Only button hides properties that have not been changed from their default values when enabled.
  • A Toggle Non-Defaults button will highlight non-defualt values with a yellow background when toggled.

Persisent Filter and Persistent Attribute Focus

  • After you apply a filter to a component, that filter will persist as you switch to other components
  • Switching between components keeps the focus on whatever attribute you were last viewing
  • This feature exists in Apex 5.2, but we've added it to 5.1 and earlier.

Autocomplete PL/SQL editor

  • All Apex/Oracle functions that are documented show automatically as you type.
  • You can expand the snippet to get all of their parameters
  • There is a URL "more" button at the bottom of the snippet which you can click to go straight to the procedure's documentation

Improved Select fields

  • Selects with more than 7 options have a seach feature built in that allows you to find an option simply by typing

Show Already Selected Page Items To Select

  • When adding a page item to a "Page Items To Select" property, you can see what items have already been chosen

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Chrome Installation


  1. Open this link
  2. Click "Add To Chrome"

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