Alphabet Blocks is a fun and beautiful educational toy for iOS to help kids learn their ABC’s and numbers!
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Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet Blocks is a fun and beautiful educational toy to help kids learn their ABC's and numbers! It's available in the iOS App Store at:

You can see video, screenshots, and more details at:

Game Description

Choose between displaying the ABCs, numbers, or letters and numbers all mixed up!

Tap the screen to place new blocks, stack them up, or just watch them fall off the screen. Use the accelerometer in your iPhone or iPod Touch to move the blocks around. Each block says the letter or number out loud for your child to learn. Even very small children will love watching the colorful vintage-style blocks appear as if by magic!

This toy features:

  • Colorful retro graphics
  • Lovely background music
  • Cheerful male and female vocals
  • Educational fun

Some ways you can play:

  • Hold the device in your lap and place blocks, watching them slowly float around
  • Hold it straight up so you can stack blocks up and watch them tumble down when you hit the top
  • Hold it sideways and watch the blocks fall off the screen
  • If you build a tower that won't budge, you can knock it over with another block


This game is licensed under the GNU General Public License (see gpl.txt). As the copyright owner, I hereby give anyone permission to re-license my GPL code under a non-GPL license for the purpose of distributing it in the iOS App Store or the Android Market.

Insurgent Games

Insurgent Games was founded in 2009 by Micah Lee and Crystal Mayer out of their San Francisco studio apartment. For a couple of years they happily made iPhone and Android games. They quickly realized that unless you’re incredibly lucky, it’s hard to make enough money developing indie mobile games to pay San Francisco rent. So Micah got a full time job and Crystal moved on to other things.

Now, several years later, Micah works for the Electronic Frontier Foundation defending internet users from evil (, and Crystal is a freelance web designer ( But Insurgent Games is dormant.

Since they're not working on the games anymore, they decided to release them to the community. They hope their games will thrive and be reborn as bigger and better things. All of their games are licensed under the GNU General Public License.