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/* cocos2d for iPhone
* Copyright (C) 2009 Valentin Milea
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the 'cocos2d for iPhone' license.
* You will find a copy of this license within the cocos2d for iPhone
* distribution inside the "LICENSE" file.
#import "CCTouchDelegateProtocol.h"
#import "Support/EAGLView.h"
typedef enum
ccTouchSelectorBeganBit = 1 << 0,
ccTouchSelectorMovedBit = 1 << 1,
ccTouchSelectorEndedBit = 1 << 2,
ccTouchSelectorCancelledBit = 1 << 3,
ccTouchSelectorAllBits = ( ccTouchSelectorBeganBit | ccTouchSelectorMovedBit | ccTouchSelectorEndedBit | ccTouchSelectorCancelledBit),
} ccTouchSelectorFlag;
enum {
struct ccTouchHandlerHelperData {
SEL touchesSel;
SEL touchSel;
ccTouchSelectorFlag type;
/** CCTouchDispatcher.
Singleton that handles all the touch events.
The dispatcher dispatches events to the registered TouchHandlers.
There are 2 different type of touch handlers:
- Standard Touch Handlers
- Targeted Touch Handlers
The Standard Touch Handlers work like the CocoaTouch touch handler: a set of touches is passed to the delegate.
On the other hand, the Targeted Touch Handlers only receive 1 touch at the time, and they can "swallow" touches (avoid the propagation of the event).
Firstly, the dispatcher sends the received touches to the targeted touches.
These touches can be swallowed by the Targeted Touch Handlers. If there are still remaining touches, then the remaining touches will be sent
to the Standard Touch Handlers.
@since v0.8.0
@interface CCTouchDispatcher : NSObject <EAGLTouchDelegate>
NSMutableArray *targetedHandlers;
NSMutableArray *standardHandlers;
BOOL locked;
BOOL toAdd;
BOOL toRemove;
NSMutableArray *handlersToAdd;
NSMutableArray *handlersToRemove;
BOOL toQuit;
BOOL dispatchEvents;
// 4, 1 for each type of event
struct ccTouchHandlerHelperData handlerHelperData[ccTouchMax];
/** singleton of the CCTouchDispatcher */
+ (CCTouchDispatcher*)sharedDispatcher;
/** Whether or not the events are going to be dispatched. Default: YES */
@property (nonatomic,readwrite, assign) BOOL dispatchEvents;
/** Adds a standard touch delegate to the dispatcher's list.
See StandardTouchDelegate description.
IMPORTANT: The delegate will be retained.
-(void) addStandardDelegate:(id<CCStandardTouchDelegate>) delegate priority:(int)priority;
/** Adds a targeted touch delegate to the dispatcher's list.
See TargetedTouchDelegate description.
IMPORTANT: The delegate will be retained.
-(void) addTargetedDelegate:(id<CCTargetedTouchDelegate>) delegate priority:(int)priority swallowsTouches:(BOOL)swallowsTouches;
/** Removes a touch delegate.
The delegate will be released
-(void) removeDelegate:(id) delegate;
/** Removes all touch delegates, releasing all the delegates */
-(void) removeAllDelegates;
/** Changes the priority of a previously added delegate. The lower the number,
the higher the priority */
-(void) setPriority:(int) priority forDelegate:(id) delegate;
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