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Conference 2020
Conference 2020

Integrable Probability New York 2020 (IntProb New York)

March 16-20, 2020, Columbia University, New York, NY

Location: 309 Havemeyer Hall (Directions)

Schedule: TBA


  1. Amol Aggarwal (Harvard)
  2. Riddhi Basu (ICTS)
  3. Alexey Bufetov (Bonn)
  4. Duncan Dauvergne (Princeton)
  5. Pierre Le Doussal (ENS Paris)
  6. Maurice Duits (KTH)
  7. Shirshendu Ganguly (Berkeley)
  8. Alan Hammond (Berkeley)
  9. Alisa Knizel (Columbia)
  10. Elizabeth Meckes (Case Western)
  11. Firas Rassoul-Agha (University of Utah)
  12. Hao Shen (Madison)
  13. Tomohiro Sasamoto (Tokyo)
  14. Sylvia Serfaty (NYU)
  15. Makiko Sasada (Tokyo / visiting NYC)
  16. Timo Seppalainen (Madison)
  17. Li-Cheng Tsai (Rutgers)
  18. Benedek Valko (Madison)
  19. Balint Virag (Toronto)
  20. Nikolaos Zygouras (Warwick)

Preliminary list of participants

  1. Andrew Ahn (MIT)
  2. Jinho Baik (UMich)
  3. Guillaume Barraquand (ENS, Paris)
  4. Alexei Borodin (MIT)
  5. Ivan Corwin (Columbia)
  6. Cesar Cuenca (Caltech)
  7. Sayan Das (Columbia)
  8. Evgeni Dimitrov (Columbia)
  9. Julien Dubedat (Columbia)
  10. Promit Ghosal (Columbia)
  11. Vadim Gorin (UWM)
  12. Sergei Korotkikh (MIT)
  13. Jeffrey Kuan (U Texas)
  14. Benjamin Landon (MIT)
  15. Yier Lin (Columbia)
  16. Konstantin Matetski (Columbia)
  17. Konstantin Matveev (Rutgers)
  18. Mihai Nica (Toronto)
  19. Guillaume Remy (Columbia)
  20. Shalin Parekh (Columbia)
  21. Roger Van Peski (MIT)
  22. Leonid Petrov (UVA)
  23. Marianna Russkikh (MIT)
  24. Mark Rychnovsky (Columbia)
  25. Axel Saenz (Warwick)
  26. Guilherme Silva (UMich)
  27. Xin Sun (Columbia)
  28. Yi Sun (Columbia)
  29. Xuan Wu (Columbia)
  30. Weitao Zhu (Columbia)


The application is open for self-funded non-FRG junior participants. Interested applicants can send the following information to the organizers: name, affiliation, position, research interests, name of the supervisor who can provide a short recommendation (for grad students and postdocs).

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