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title: Publications
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<h2>All publications by FRG participants since January 2017<h2>
<h3>(tag&nbsp;<a href="{{site.url }}/tag/NSF_FRG" title="View posts tagged with &quot;NSF_FRG&quot;"
class="btn btn-secondary" role="button">NSF_FRG</a>&nbsp;=&nbsp;<span style="background-color:{{site.hlcolor}}">acknowledges the FRG grant support</span>)</h3>
<img src="{{site.url}}/img/publ.jpg" style="width:30%" align="right" alt="Drawing on the whiteboard">
<ol reversed>
{% for post in site.posts %}
{% for tag in post.tags %}
{% if tag == "publication" %}
[<i>{{ | date: "%B %-d, %Y" }}</i>]
{% for tag in post.tags %}
{% if tag != "publication" %}
<a href="{{site.url }}/tag/{{ tag }}" title="View posts tagged with &quot;{{ tag }}&quot;"
class="btn btn-secondary" role="button">{{ tag }}</a>{% if forloop.last != true %}{% endif %}{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
<b><a href="{{site.url }}{{ post.url }}">{{ post.title }}</a></b>
<td style="padding-left:20px">
<p><div {%if post.tags contains 'NSF_FRG' %}style="background-color:{{site.hlcolor}}"{%endif%}>{{ post.content | markdownify }}</div></p>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
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