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jira-to-slack CircleCI Docker Repository on Quay

This is a chat integration to notify Jira events.

Supported chat platforms:

  • Slack
  • Mattermost

Supported runtime:

  • Standalone binary
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud Run
  • Google App Engine
  • AWS Lambda






Getting Started

1. Setup Slack/Mattermost

Create an Incoming Webhook on your Slack or Mattermost.

2. Setup Jira

Create a Webhook on your Jira cloud or server. Set the URL of the Webhook as follows:

You can add the following query parameters:

Name Value Default Example
webhook Slack/Mattermost Webhook URL Mandatory
username BOT username - JIRA
channel Channel to show messages at - some-public-channel
icon BOT icon emoji or URL - :speech_baloon: or https://.../jira.png
dialect API dialect slack slack or mattermost
debug Dump Jira and Slack messages to console 0 0 or 1

For example,


You can deploy jira-to-slack to your server as well. See the later section for details.

3. Test notification

Create a ticket on your Jira and a message will be sent to your Slack/Mattermost. You can turn on debug logs by setting the query parameter debug=1.

Deploy to your server


Download the latest release and run the command:


It binds port 3000 by default. You can set the port by PORT environment variable.

PORT=8080 ./jira-to-slack

Docker / Docker Compose

You can deploy the image

docker run --rm -p 3000:3000

As well as you use Docker Compose.

    # Expose host port 8080
    ports: "8080:3000"


Deploy the manifests in the kubernetes folder.

kubectl -k kubernetes/

You can expose the service via an Ingress.

Google Cloud Run

You can deploy the image to the Google Cloud Run.

Click the button to deploy the image to the Google Cloud Run.

Run on Google Cloud

Google App Engine

You can deploy the application to Google App Engine.

# Install SDK
brew cask install google-cloud-sdk
gcloud components install app-engine-go

# Run locally
make -C appengine run

# Deploy to cloud
gcloud app deploy --project=jira-to-slack appengine/app.yaml

AWS Lambda

You can deploy the application to AWS Lambda.

# Run locally
make -C lambda run

# Deploy to cloud

You need to create a S3 bucket in the same region before deploying.

How it works

It sends a message to the channel on the following triggers:

  • User created an issue.
  • User commented to an issue.
  • User assigned an issue.
  • User updated summary or description of an issue.
  • User deleted an issue.

If an issue or comment has mentions (Slack style @foo or JIRA style [~foo]), they will be converted to the chat platform specific format.

Other solutions

JIRA Mattermost Webhook Bridge. Great work. This is almost perfect but notifies many events so it may be noisy.

Mattermost official JIRA Webhook Plugin. This is still beta and in progress. Currently this does not notify comment.


This is an open source software licensed under Apache License 2.0. Feel free to open your issues or pull requests.


Start the server:


E2E Test

You can send actual payloads of actual Jira events by the following script:

# Slack
SLACK_WEBHOOK="" ./pkg/formatter/testdata/

# Mattermost
SLACK_WEBHOOK="" ./pkg/formatter/testdata/