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Slack/Mattermost Integration for notifying Docker events, written in Go
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slack-docker CircleCI

A Slack integration to notify Docker events.


Getting Started

Setup an Incoming WebHook on your Slack workspace and get the WebHook URL.

Install slack-docker by brew tap or from the releases.

brew tap int128/slack-docker
brew install slack-docker

Run the command with the WebHook URL.

slack-docker --webhook=

You can run on Docker or Docker Compose as well.

# Docker
docker run -d -e webhook= -h "$(hostname)" -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock int128/slack-docker

# Docker Compose
curl -O
docker-compose up -d


It supports the following options and environment variables:

Application Options:
      --webhook=      Slack Incoming WebHook URL [$webhook]
      --image-regexp= Filter events by image name (default to all) [$image_regexp]

Help Options:
  -h, --help          Show this help message

Filter events by image name

webhook= image_regexp='^alpine$' ./slack-docker


This is an open source software licensed under Apache-2.0. Feel free to open issues or pull requests.

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