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Rewrite Go error handling between errors, xerrors and pkg/errors using AST transformation
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transerr CircleCI

This is a command line tool to transform Go error handling between errors, xerrors and

Status: Proof of Concept.

Getting Started

Install the latest release.

go get

Run the transerr.

% transerr transform ./testdata
testdata/hello.go:4:2: rewriting the import with
testdata/hello.go:11:9: rewriting the function call with xerrors.New()
testdata/hello.go:12:6: rewriting the function call with xerrors.Errorf()
testdata/hello.go:13:6: rewriting the function call with xerrors.Errorf()
testdata/hello.go: total 4 change(s)

You can see the following changes.

index eb32e7e..5ed2504 100644
--- a/testdata/hello.go
+++ b/testdata/hello.go
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
 package testdata

 import (
-       ""
+       ""

 var msg = "foo"

 // Hello says hello world!
 func Hello() error {
-       err := errors.New("message")
-       _ = errors.Wrapf(err, "message %s", msg)
-       _ = errors.Errorf("message %s", msg)
+       err := xerrors.New("message")
+       _ = xerrors.Errorf("message %s: %w", msg, err)
+       _ = xerrors.Errorf("message %s", msg)
        return nil

Transformation rules

Currently the following rules are supported.

  • to
    • errors.Errorf to xerrors.Errorf
    • errors.New to xerrors.New
    • errors.Wrapf to xerrors.Errorf

1. to

From To
import "" import ""
errors.Errorf("message %s", msg) xerrors.Errorf("message %s", msg)
errors.New("message") xerrors.New("message")
errors.Wrapf(err, "message %s", msg) xerrors.Errorf("message %s: %w", msg, err)
errors.Wrap() TODO
errors.Cause() TODO
errors.WithStack() TODO
errors.WithMessage() TODO
errors.WithMessagef() TODO

2. xerrors to errors (Go 1.13)



This is an open source software. Feel free to open issues and pull requests.

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