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Dynamic JavaScript version of phpSyntaxTree - a tool to draw syntax trees from labelled bracket notation.
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int2str Allow manual subscript on leaf nodes
Note, this is not perfect by any means... The subscript is not
factored into the calculation for the node width properly and the
combined text (value + subscript) is not properly centered in the

There is room for a future refactor to calculate the combined text width
better and then layout the text while drawing in a way that properly
centers the text again.

Fixes: #2
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LICENSE Initial commit Jul 30, 2019 Remove p5.js dependency Aug 1, 2019
canvas.js Cleanup and code size reduction Aug 1, 2019
default.css Add rotating tips Aug 11, 2019
index.html Add rotating tips Aug 11, 2019
syntaxtree.js Small refactors for code size and readability Aug 13, 2019
tip.js Two more tips Aug 12, 2019
tree.js Allow manual subscript on leaf nodes Aug 13, 2019


jsSyntaxTree is a web application that creates syntax tree graphs from phrases entered in labelled bracket notation. jsSyntaxTree generated graphs can be used in linguistic homework, assignments and other documents.

See the LICENSE file for license information.

jsSyntaxTree can be used on the web, without installing any software at .

Support, Questions etc.

If you encounter any bugs or problems, please file a bug report on the jsSyntaxTree project page:

Or, send email to

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