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Old workflow: Search MXR for identifier -> click on a result (nsISomething.cpp line 500) -> wait for a 6000-line file to load -> decide that you want to edit this file -> open this file in vim

New workflow: Search MXR for identifier -> click on a result -> result opens in vim.


mxr-vim can be downloaded here. Alternatively, you can download the source and build it by activating the Addon SDK and typing cfx xpi.

mxr-vim needs to know three things: 1. where the source tree on your disk is located (no default) 2. where your shell is located (default /bin/sh) 3. where vim is located (default /usr/local/bin/mvim)

These pieces of information can be set via about:config. They are located under extensions.mxr-vim.*

To complete the circle of mxr-vim integration, I use the following mappings in my .vimrc, which fire off a search of MXR for the word under the cursor:

nnoremap <c-f>i :! open -a '<cword>'<cr><cr>
nnoremap <c-f>f :! open -a '<cword>'<cr><cr>
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