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Add and Search Word - Data structure design

Design a data structure that supports the following two operations:

void addWord(word)
bool search(word)

search(word) can search a literal word or a regular expression string containing only letters a-z or ..

A . means it can represent any one letter.

For example:

search("pad") -> false
search("bad") -> true
search(".ad") -> true
search("b..") -> true

Note: You may assume that all words are consist of lowercase letters a-z.

click to show hint.

You should be familiar with how a Trie works. If not, please work on this problem: Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) first.


Trie树的扩展,如果搜索字符,和Trie树一样,若为".", 则DFS之

bool search(TrieNode *p, const char *target) const {
			if (p == nullptr)
				return false;
			int len = strlen(target);
			if (target == nullptr || len == 0) { // 到底单词尾部
				return p->exist;
			char c = *target;
			if (c != '.') { // 字符不是"."
				int index = c - 'a';
				return search(p->children[index], target + 1);
			} else { // 字符是".", DFS
				for (int i = 0; i < TrieNode::SPACE_SIZE; ++i) {
					if (search(p->children[i], target + 1))
						return true;
				return false;

搜索单词word, 只需要调用search(root, word.c_str())即可.


Implement Trie (Prefix Tree): Trie树实现

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