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Implement Queue using Stacks

Implement the following operations of a queue using stacks.

  • push(x) -- Push element x to the back of queue.

  • pop() -- Removes the element from in front of queue.

  • peek() -- Get the front element.

  • empty() -- Return whether the queue is empty. Notes:

  • You must use only standard operations of a stack -- which means only push to top, peek/pop from top, size, and is empty operations are valid.

  • Depending on your language, stack may not be supported natively. You may simulate a stack by using a list or deque (double-ended queue), as long as you use only standard operations of a stack.

  • You may assume that all operations are valid (for example, no pop or peek operations will be called on an empty queue).



首先定义channel(first, second)操作,表示把第一个栈逐一弹出,并压入第二个栈:

void channel(stack<int> &src, stack<int> &dest) {
	while (!src.empty()) {
  • push(), push时往第一个栈压入
  • empty(), 当且仅当两个栈都为空时,队列空
  • peek(), 若第二个栈为空,则channel(first, second), 返回
  • pop(), 若第二个栈为空,则channel(first, second), second.pop()
bool empty(void) {
		return first.empty() && second.empty();
void push(int x) {
int peek(void) {
	if (second.empty()) {
		channel(first, second);
void pop(void) {
	if (second.empty()) {
		channel(first, second);
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