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Kth Smallest Element in a BST

Given a binary search tree, write a function kthSmallest to find the kth smallest element in it.

Note: You may assume k is always valid, 1 ≤ k ≤ BST's total elements.

Follow up: What if the BST is modified (insert/delete operations) often and you need to find the kth smallest frequently? How would you optimize the kthSmallest routine?


  • Try to utilize the property of a BST.
  • What if you could modify the BST node's structure?
  • The optimal runtime complexity is O(height of BST).

Credits: Special thanks to @ts for adding this problem and creating all test cases.


中序遍历,更新k值,访问时k--, 若此时k == 0, 则当前值即为结果

	int kthSmallest(TreeNode *root, int k) {
		int result;
		if (root == nullptr) {
			return 0;
		kthSmallest(root, k, result);
		return result;
	/* k为需要查找的第k小的数, result为结果,返回true表示已经查找到
	 * 注意k为引用类型,否则k的值更新不能反馈到上一栈调用
	bool kthSmallest(TreeNode *root, int &k, int &result) {
		if (root->left) {
			if (kthSmallest(root->left, k, result)) {
				return true;
		k -= 1;
		if (k == 0) {
			result = root->val;
			return true;
		if (root->right) {
			if (kthSmallest(root->right, k, result)) {
				return true;
		return false;



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