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Linked List Cycle

Given a linked list, determine if it has a cycle in it.

Follow up: Can you solve it without using extra space?



设两个指针p, q, p每次移一个节点,q每次移动两个节点,如果p == q,则有环。如果p,q其一等于NULL,则无环

更多链表环操作,见Linked List Cycle II


bool hasCycle(struct ListNode *head) {
	if (head == NULL)
	    return false;
	struct ListNode *p = head, *q = head->next;;
	while (p && q) {
	    if (p == q)
		    return true;
	    p = p -> next;
	    q = q -> next;
	    if (q == NULL)
		    return false;
	    q = q -> next;
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