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Monte carlo tree search in Go language
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Monte Carlo Tree Search

Implementation of basic Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm.


Install with

go get


The central routine is MonteCarloTreeSearch(GameState, RolloutPolicy, int) which consumes GameState, RolloutPolicy and performs requested number of MCTS simulations

To use it for your perfect-information sum-zero strictly competitive two players game (board games such as go/chess/checkers/tictactoe) you need to provide implementation of GameState and Action interfaces

// Action - game action interface
type Action interface{
	ApplyTo(GameState) GameState

// GameState - state of the game interface
type GameState interface {
	EvaluateGame() (GameResult, bool)
	GetLegalActions() []Action
	IsGameEnded() bool
	NextToMove() int8

where GameResult is just float64 alias

type GameResult float64

As current implementation expects sum-zero two players game GameResult is supposed to reflect it. For the same reason NextToMove() is expected to return 1 or -1.

You can use DefaultRolloutPolicy (actions chosen randomly) or implement your own Rollout Policy as a function with the following signature:

func YourCustomRolloutPolicy(state GameState) Action {



There is a built-in tic-tac-toe game implementation available through TicTacToeBoardGameAction and TicTacToeGameState types

To play with it go for something like:

package main 
import ""

func main() {
	initialState := gomcts.CreateTicTacToeInitialGameState(3)
	chosenAction:= gomcts.MonteCarloTreeSearch(initialState, gomcts.DefaultRolloutPolicy, 100)
	// use chosenAction further
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