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Code samples used during Intacct Advantage 2016
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This is a sample AWS Elastic Beanstalk application from Intacct Advantage 2016. This a sample app not considered production ready.

Recommended reading

Sample Workflow

  • Intacct puts DDS csv files in an S3 bucket
  • S3 bucket event puts a message in SQS queue
  • Elastic Beanstalk worker environment daemon processes message
  • Worker gets CSV from S3, processes the columns and rows, and then loads the data to an RDS instance

EB Configuration

Container Options

  • Document root: /wwwroot
  • Max execution time: Depends

Environment Properties

If using the built-in data tier RDS with EB, these are auto set for you.


Worker Configuration

  • HTTP path: /ddsloader.php
  • MIME type: application/json
  • HTTP connections: Depends

DML Mapping

The file dds_dml_mapping.php contains a simple PHP array used for the DML mapping. The CUSTOMER DML was designed for use with a PostgreSQL in RDS.

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