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Weekly messages of what is happening in the broader Intake-land

Wednesday September 11

I am back from leave and will be posting more information as it comes

Friday July 19

Dask now uses and depends on fsspec; push to increase test coverage (PR)

Quansight is building Intake support for omnisci and ibis:

Friday July 12

s3fs and gcsfs now depending on fsspec on master, but not yet released

PRs for switching to fsspec for intake and dask in progress, and mostly done

First release of dfviz on conda-forge

Friday June 28

Birth of intake-sroka for cloud API services on google and AWS.

CESM-LENS data coming to intake-esm

filesystem_spec and dfviz both moved to the Intake github org. The former is also experimenting with an automatic block-wise cache for all files ( PR )

New upload functionality in Intake

New parameter editor in the Intake GUI

Friday June 7

New interesting dataset with careful description of the process of making a conda package: (discussion at this issue about improving the docs)

Podcast.__init__ interview is out:

Friday May 31

intake GUI blog post

intake-stac first release 0.1

intake tutorial moves to intake-examples repo

Friday May 24 2019

Intake release 0.5.1

The GSoC student is ready to begin the xarray visualiser project, and has initial thoughts in this blog

Blog article by jsignell at will appear on the Anaconda site soon

Interview with podcast.__init__ coming soon

Friday May 17 2019

intake-esm adds support for CAFE, NCI and ERA5 data collections

intake and intake-xarray will now import much faster, as imports of required libraries are now deferred until they are needed

A fun attempt at making a general-purpose interactive dataframe visualisation tool based on panel: This may eventually become part of the intake GUI.

An attempt to base the scikit-multiflow streaming machine learning library on the real-time streaming library streamz: . Intake is also considering how to incorporate streaming data sources (see below).

Friday May 10 2019

intake-stac is now listed on the driver plugins page of the Intake docs

GSoC project for interactive visualisation of Xarrays will happen here: . This will become a panel within the Intake GUI

First attempt at streaming datasets being developed at , based on the streamz package.

Friday May 3 2019

Automated catalog page built from pangeo-datastore : (this may be temporary and get moved elsewhere); PRs only pass if the new data gets successfully read by Intake, and the page rebuilds automatically upon merge

New binder example for intake-stac :

Intake 0.5.0 released

Intake dependencies split for pip install, so that you can get a "minimalist" or "full" version, depending on the need

Examples moved into their own binder-enabled repo :

Friday April 26 2019

intake-dcat gets first release, giving access to DCAT data collections as Intake catalogs, including geographic shapes and stats. Such collections are commonly seen for municipal data holdings

intake-geopandas released 0.2.2 with more types, partly to support intake-dcat

intake-stac has started to see development

intake-esm continues heavy development and frequent releases, including a large effort to adapt to MPI Grande Ensemble ( ) and starting Gridded Meteorological Ensemble Tool ( )

In Intake itself, the new GUI is merged, and being iterated on with new docs, leading to a new release shortly. The catalog and entry entities also got extra methods for display and editing.

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