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Prototyping the nesting of jetty-osgi inside a webapp.
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Prototyping the support for running jetty-osgi nested inside a web application.

Let's call this web application the bootstrap-webapp.
The bootstrap-webapp starts equinox.
Equinox starts jetty-osgi configured with the nested connector.
The BridgeServlet is set with a JettyNestedServlet that lives inside equinox.
It dispatches the servlet requests to jetty-osgi via the nested connector.

This is exactly similar to where the OSGi HttpService is running inside equinox.
Thanks to this setup we support everything that jetty-osgi supports: the OSGi HttpService is there. Web-bundles are also supported.

org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge enhancements
The class in charge of launching equinox is called FrameworkLauncher.
It assumes the location of the bundles and varius other settings.
The goal of the changes to the FrameworkLauncher is to support as much as possible launching any product installation made with p2director.
A parameter gives the location of the p2 product installation.
The FrameworkLaunchers reads the various files produced by p2 including the location of the bundlepool and other parameters.
It launches equinox accordingly.

Once these enhancements are ready we will propose a patch at eclipse to support this.

A build for a webapp ready to bootstrap an EclipseRTWebStarterKit.

Everything developped here is done under the EPL+ASL20 license.
When mature enough it will be migrated to eclipse.
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