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Custom features to package the bundles so that they can run on the top of EclipseRT Web
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ECR features and EclipseRTP based build.

This build uses the ecr bundles built by org.eclipse.ecr but uses its own version of the features.
This build does not re-compile from the java sources of ecr the various bundles.
It simply re-publish them under a slightly different set of eclipse features.

The features provided by the build of org.eclipse.ecr need a few changes to be able to use them on the top of EclipseRT Web.
Specifically: the feature org.eclipse.ecr.application contaains dependencies on jetty-6.
The org.eclipse.ecr.dependencies feature contains org.apache.commons.codec-1.4 which does not work nicely with equinox p2 and codec-1.3.
We also added a p2.inf to the feature that packages org.eclipse.ecr.application.
It is in charge of setting the autostart level of org.eclipse.application to level 5.

All the other ecr features import the org.eclipse.ecr.core feature.
So as we needed to modify org.eclipse.ecr.core feature we also end up having to maintain a parrallel set of the other features.

License and copyright.
Identical to nuxeo's ECR project: EPL-1.0 and nuxeo's Copyright.

Build instructions:
Browse to

Extract the qualifier of the built org.eclipse.ecr features.
For example:
means that the build qualifier is 201104162109

Edit the root pom.xml and make sure that the property <forceContextQualifier>'s value matches the build qualifier.
For example:

Once the pom.xml is up to date:
   mvn clean package.

Then upload the build repository to its server and update the current symbolic.
It is uploaded here at the moment:
The symbolic link 'current' points to that folder:

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