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The Open Source Workflow Framework

Latest News

The main development branch is 6.2.x.


Intalio Tempo is a set of runtime components that support human workflow within an service-oriented architecture (SOA). Our main goal is to provide a complete and extensible workflow solution with a bias towards interoperable technologies (BPEL, BPEL4People, XForms, REST, and web services) as a default implementation.

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BPEL4People is a specification authored by BEA, IBM, Oracle, SAP and other companies that defines BPEL extensions for human workflow functionality. Tempo follows this architecture to provide all the workflow functions defined in BPEL4People. At this time, Tempo does not rely on any BPEL extensions and uses fully interoperable WSDL and REST interfaces as its core APIs. Over time, we intend to implement the full BPEL4People specification.

The BPEL4People specification can be found here. The WS-BPEL specification can be found here


Tempo offers the following features:

  • Extensible task object model
  • Task List web-based user interface for users to manage their tasks (accept, complete, cancel, reassign, etc.)
  • Security framework for role-based access control (RBAC) and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Customizable set of BPEL processes to define workflow behavior (task assignment, escalation, etc.)
  • Deployment Service to deploy task definitions, forms, etc.
  • Attachments support
  • Web-service and REST-based interfaces that allow integration with practically any language and web/user interface technology. Technology integrations:

  • Native XForms integration based on the Orbeon XForms engine.

  • LDAP Directory integration for user authentication and role-based authorization
  • Task data persistence in relational database (via JDBC)
  • Storage of attachments in relational database (via JDBC)
  • Task list user-interface implemented with Spring MVC and JSP/JSTL

Note that Tempo only provides runtime components; we recommend using design tools such as Intalio's Designer or the Eclipse BPEL Designer to develop your processes and forms.


Tempo is designed for software developers and architects familiar with Java, XML, BPEL, REST, web services and, to a lesser extent, XForms.

Basic Documentation

  • Architecture: high-level description of the different Tempo components and how they relate to each other.
  • Building: instructions to compile Tempo components.
  • Installing: instructions to install Tempo components.
  • Features FAQ : Features coverage, notably compatibility with the BPEL4People and WS-Human Tasks specifications.
  • Presentations: Slides of presentations related to tempo, and intalio workflow.
  • Links to a selection of interesting content about BPEL4People, and others related to Tempo on the net.
  • Licensing: All Tempo components are licensed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License

Please see documentation index page for all available documentation, tutorials, and FAQ pages.

Technical Documentation

Technical FAQ : Answering common technical questions, and how to extend and integrate tempo to fit your needs.

Potential New Projects

Get Involved

  • To discuss any topics with Tempo developers, please go to Tempo-Dev
  • Browse the source code on github for the stable
  • You may be interested in git-svn.
  • The intalio maven repository where the tempo releases can be found.
  • Ask installation question on IRC:
  • Tempo on Ohloh
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