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Code discussed in our Rust in Motion video course
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Rust in Motion

This repo contains the code samples we discuss in the Rust in Motion video course.

Unless otherwise noted, the code was written with Rust 1.24.1. If the code sample compiles, it will continue to compile with newer versions of the Rust compiler, thanks to Rust's stability guarantees. If the code sample does not compile (because we are illustrating an error message), the error message might be different in newer versions. In some cases, the code will compile with newer versions!

The files are organized into directories by unit and module, and then named starting with the time in the video where we begin discussing that example. Each module contains a describing the examples and noting if they purposefully don't compile.

In the videos, we disabled unused code warnings to avoid cluttering up the screen. You'll likely see warnings about unused variables, enum variants, and fields when you run these examples with cargo run.


The code examples are dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 or MIT; you may choose which license. The text of the licenses appear in the LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT files.

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