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An Operator that installs Gitea
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Gitea Operator

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Project Info
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
IRC #integreatly channel in the freenode network.

An Operator that installs Gitea. Installation is performed by creating a custom resource of kind Gitea. You can uninstall Gitea by removing this resource. The Operator will also watch all Gitea resources and reinstall them if they are deleted.

Installing the Operator

First we need to create a Service Account, Role and Role Binding in order to grant the required permissions to the Operator. The install target of the Makefile will take care of this. Make sure you are logged in with a user that has permission to create those resources.

$ oc login -u system:admin
$ ORG=<registry url> make image/build
$ ORG=<registry url> make image/push
$ make cluster/prepare

Then review deploy/operator.yaml and update the image url to your preferred registry and deploy it:

$ make cluster/deploy

Verify the Operator is running by opening the gitea namespace. You should see a Pod with the name gitea-operator.

Running the Operator locally

Instead of pulling the operator image from a registry and installing it in your namespace you can also run the Operator locally. This is especially useful for development:

$ oc login -u system:admin
$ make cluster/prepare
$ make code/run

Installing Gitea

Create a custom resource of type Gitea with the following spec:

kind: Gitea
  name: example-gitea
  hostname: <gitea.apps.CLUSTER_URL>

An example can be found under deploy/cr.yaml

Start the installation with

$ oc create -f <path to your CR>


Update operator version files:

Commit changes and open pull request.

When the PR is accepted, create a new release tag:

git tag v<version> && git push upstream v<version>

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