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@@ -54,10 +54,14 @@ During development it may be useful to skip retrieving the event from Stripe, an
StripeEvent.event_retriever = { |params| params }
-## Register webhook url with Stripe
+### Register webhook url with Stripe
![Setup webhook url]( "webhook setup")
+### Examples
+The [RailsApps]( project by Daniel Kehoe has released an [example Rails 3.2 app]( with recurring billing using Stripe. The application uses stripe_event to handle `'customer.subscription.deleted'` events.
### Note: 'Test Webhooks' Button on Stripe Dashboard
This button sends an example event to your webhook urls, including an `id` of `evt_00000000000000`. To confirm that Stripe sent the webhook, stripe_event attempts to retrieve the event details from Stripe using the given `id`. In this case the event does not exist and stripe_event responds with `401 Unauthorized`. Instead of using the 'Test Webhooks' button, trigger webhooks by using the Stripe Dashboard to create test payments, customers, etc.

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